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The Lockheed File.

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Bruce Beale
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Trevor Boughton
Al Bovelt
David Bussey
David Campbell
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Paul Clawson
Mark Clayton
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Ed Coates
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René Dannies
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Doug Fawcett
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John Garrett
Peter Gates
Richard Geary
Terry Geary
Dieter Gerhard
Geoff Goodall
Fergal Goodman
Wynnum Graham
Kevin Grantham
Sid Grantham
Phil Herdman
Denis Hersey
Jim Hilferty
Richard Hitchins
Lindsay Hockey
Ulrich Hoppe
John Hopton
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Sandy Howard
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Mick Jansen
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Macarthur Job
Albert Johnston
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Tim Kalina
Peter Kelly
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Gordon Reid
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Phil Vabre
Theo Valerio
Bert van Drunick
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Jeff Watson
Richard Waugh
Chris Webster
Mick West
Gil White
Alex Whitworth
Geoff Wilkes
Bob Wills
John Wilson
Bruce Winley
Ted Wixted
Tom Wixted

And many others who have overwhelmed the compiler's ability to keep track of them all.



To Elizabeth Adams, my high school history teacher, who would have sensed my intense dislike for the subject. I turned out okay.

Once I couldn't spell "historian", now I are one!




Eric Allen
Trevor Boughton
Allan Bovelt
Eddie Coates
John Conley
Doug Fawcett
Barry Flood
Geoff Goodall
Richard Hitchins
Malcolm Long
Mike Madden
Birch Matthews
Chris O'Neill
Gordon Reid
Gil White
Bob Wills
Ted Wixted


Many of the aircraft types have their own "Thanks" pages listing specific contributions. If I have shamefully omitted anyone from the above listing,
please do remind me!


  • "Lockheed Aircraft Since 1913" - Rene J. Francillon (Putnam)
  • Aviation Historical Society of Australia Journal
  • "South Australian Air Journal"
  • "Australian Air Log"
  • "In Australian Service" Series - Stewart Wilson (Aerospace Publications)
  • "Australian Civil Aircraft Register Update" - Tony Arbon (Aerospace Publications)
  • "The Historic Civil Aircraft Register of Australia" - Tony Arbon & David Sparrow (AustAirData)
  • "Warbirds Directory" - John Chapman and Geoff Goodall.
  • "Warbirds Worldwide" - Paul Coggan.
  • "Lockheed Hercules Production List" - Lars Olausson.
  • "The Australian Aeronautical History Record - The Aeroplane in Australia"
    - John Hopton.
  • "Aviation Letter" - Lundkvist Aviation Research.

Issue Date Remarks
19 05JAN24
Added the passing of Geoff Goodall.
18 16DEC22
Added the passing of Gordon Reid.

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