Prior to 11 October 2005, all P-3 Orions appeared on the one page. With the creation of separate pages for P-3B, TAP-3B and P-3C, it has become necessary to archive this summary of updates prior to 11OCT05.


Issue Date Remarks
24 10OCT05
Added further detail of the acquisition of the TAP-3B aircraft, details of AP-3C deliveries and references to ELINT capability.
23 21JUN05
Added further detail of the delivery flight of the prototype P-3P thanks to Marco Borst.
22 20JUN05
Added further detail of the movements in relation to the P-3P conversions.
21 19JUN05
Deleted the registration N4007Z for A9-295 as this registration is allocated to a PA-18. (Source: Marco Borst).
The sale of the P-3Bs has been the subject of a major update thanks to Marco Borst, Vic Ehlers and Jack Schroeder.
Added details of the AP-3C conversions.
Added three images of N91LC formerly A9-299.
20 31MAY05
This page has undergone a major update thanks to new information from an informed source. The main changes are:
Added an explanation of Block Numbers.
Amended some of the Block Numbers appearing in the tables in light of the foregoing.
The fin and rudder displayed at RAAF Edinburgh is confirmed to have come from the crashed A9-754.
Clarified the use by the RAAF of the designation P-3W. This is now known to have applied to the second batch of P-3Cs to differentiate them from earlier deliveries.
19 22JAN05
The retirement date for the TAP-3B fleet has been added.
18 13JAN05
The fin displayed at RAAF Edinburgh is now believed to have come from A9-754 after all.
The TAP-3Bs have been withdrawn from service.
All P-3Cs have been upgraded to AP-3C with the exception of one unknown aircraft.
Added a reference to one or two unknown P-3Cs having an ELINT capability.
17 25SEP02
Corrected the date of sighting N4007A at Burbank from 1997 to 1987!
16 -
Added an image of A9-296 on fire at NAS Moffett Field.
15 -
Added an image of the salvage of A9-754 at Cocos Islands.
14 -
Added a report from Cocos Islands on the fate of A9-754.
13 -
Added several photos (152760 and A9-300) thanks to Dean Norman. The fin displayed at RAAF Edinburgh clearly cannot be from A9-300 as the fin from this aeroplane exists elsewhere on the base. The displayed fin is now believed to be from the parted-out P-3B 152760.
12 -
Added several photos thanks to Mick Jansen.
11 -
Added sighting report of N4007A (A9-295) at Burbank thanks to Fergal Goodman.
10 -
Added two images.
9 -
The P-3 fin displayed at RAAF Edinburgh is from A9-300 not A9-754.
Orions converted to AP-3C status are 760, 759, 665, 661 and 656.

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