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Updates are presented in chronological order with the latest appearing at the top of the page. Please note that there has been no attempt at maintaining the validity of links on this page and that some of the links may have been broken as the site has been developed and improved over the years. Any such difficulties should be easily overcome by using the menus or the Search page.

P2V-5 NEPTUNE A89-302 - 05 JUL 18
The RAAF have gifted this aircraft to HARS who will undertake a static restoration. HARS are anxious to hear from anyone who has components from A89-302.
Added a page on the NASA Super Constellations that visited Australia as part of the Apollo programme.
P-3 ORION A9-760 - 13 JUN 18
Orion A9-760 was officially handed over to the Queensland Air Museum on 11 June 2018.
P-3 ORION - 09 APR 18
The page on Orion colours and markings has had another major update.
The Qantas Founders Museum Super Constellation N4247K has been painted as shown by this image thanks to Greg Weir.

P-3 ORION - 18 MAR 18
Many photos have been added thanks to Nigel Daw. Included are photos of the first three P-3Bs to arrive in Australia. These photos were taken by Nigel's late brother Paul. There are too many new images to list individually so please visit the P-3B Page and the P-3C Page.

P-3 ORION - 08 MAR 18
There is a new page on Orion Colours and Markings.
TAP-3B ORION - 26 FEB 18
The page on the TAP-3B trainer/transport has been updated.
CENSUS - 11 FEB 18
The Census has been updated and reformatted.
P-3C ORION A9-753 - 25 JAN 18
A9-753 was added to the Australian register as VH-ORI on 25JAN18.

P-3C ORION A9-756 - 08 JAN 18
Added 9 new images thanks to Nigel Daw and Mike Milln.

Added 4 new images thanks to Geoff Goodall.

Added 5 new images thanks to Geoff Goodall.

P-3C ORION A9-751 - 16 DEC 17
Added 6 new images thanks to Nigel Daw.

Added 4 new images thanks to Bob Howe.

Added 8 new images thanks to Tim Kalina.

LIGHTNING 41-2220 - 3 DEC 17
Added an image of F-4 Lightning 41-2220 in RAAF markings at Rockhampton. Thanks to Judith Salecich.
Added two images of the aircraft as NC14749. Thanks to Bill Diebold.
Added an interesting document from a Qantas Constellation flight in 1951. Your Travelling Companions was distributed amongst the passengers and it listed the names of all the passengers and crew! Impossible today.
Added an image of the former VH-ECC in full Air New Zealand/TEAL livery. Thanks to Peter Gates.
Added an image of Lodestar VH-CAB with DCA. Thanks to Phil Vabre.
Added an image of Hercules N108AK prior to its lease to Cargomasters as VH-CYO.
NEPTUNE A89-272 - 03SEP 17
Neptune A89-272 has been delivered to HARS at Parkes. Three images have been added thanks to Erik Lensson.
ORION 9A SPECIAL NC12229 - 04 JUL 17
Added an image of the aircraft thanks to the Civil Aviation Historical Society, Terry Martin Collection and Phil Vabre.
NEPTUNE A89-307 - 04 JUL 17
Added two images of Neptune A89-307 wearing the name Thunderballs.
Added five images of the interior of the aircraft. Thanks to Tom Harwood, Curator of the Qantas Founders Museum.
Added three recent images of the former VH-RMA as a tanker with Buffalo Airways. Thanks to John Olafson.
Added ten images of the arrival at Longreach. Thanks to Tom Harwood, Curator of the Qantas Founders Museum.
Added an image of Electra VH-RMC after the completion of LEAP modifications at Burbank in 1961. Thanks to Pete Clukey of Lockheed Martin.
The list of all RAAF Venturas has been further updated to show details of the various RAAF units that operated Venturas.
The list of all RAAF Venturas has been further updated to show individual aircraft histories in greater detail.
The page on Ventura operations by No 13 Squadron has undergone a major revision. The list of all RAAF Venturas has also been updated.
Added six images of A55-1 in gleaming polished metal. Some were probably taken just days before the aeroplane was destroyed by fire in a landing accident and others show the accident itself. These magnificent images come from the
collection of CPL Cecil Harry Wright who served with 1PRU at Coomalie Creek. We thank David Devenish, Archivist of the Mosquito Aircraft Association of Australia for sharing them with us. Two of the images were shown previously but in poor quality.
Added a colour image of Electra VH-RMC in the Ansett Delta colour scheme but with the Number 1 engine still in Ansett-ANA markings. Thanks to Peter Gates.
When I created this website almost twenty years ago, I did not anticipate how it might grow. One consequence of this was a decision to group all of the Electras (10, 12, 14 & 188) in the one folder. Twenty years later that folder has an extreme case of the bloats, so much so that I bit the bullet and created separate folders for each model Electra. Hopefully the changes will be transparent to readers although any bookmarks will now have broken links. For this I apologise. If you find any broken links on the Electra pages please advise the Webmaster.
Added a seating configuration drawing for the Qantas L-188C Electra. Thanks to Robert Phillips.
Added images of VH-RMA and VH-RMC towards the end of their service with Ansett. Thanks to Geoff Goodall.
Added a close-up image of the nose art on The Wizard of Oz formerly A97-207. Thanks to Geoff Goodall.
VENTURA N159U - 12 JUL16
Added three images of the future VH-SFF arriving at Point Cook on delivery from the US. Thanks to Geoff Goodall.
NEPTUNE N54317 - 12 JUL 16
Added three images of the future VH-NEP arriving in Perth on delivery from the US. Thanks to Geoff Goodall.
HUDSON - 11 JUL 16
Added an image of Hudson VH-ASV undergoing civil conversion at Mascot in 1946.
The Lodestar pages have been refreshed with no changes to data.
The Ventura pages have been refreshed. Also added an image of Ventura VH-SFF after its forced landing.
VEGA - 31 MAR 16
The page for Vega VH-UVK has been reformatted and all the images refreshed.
The history of the HARS Connie VH-EAG has been expanded with information from the Air Force Historical Research Agency via Air Mobility Command sourced by Doug Boleyn.
Thanks to Eric Allen for another wonderful set of images of P2V-5 Neptunes.
Thanks to Maurice Ritchie for a wonderful set of images of P2V-5 Neptunes. Refer to the update table at the foot of each page for links to the images:
All of the Constellation pages have been further refreshed with greater emphasis on Lockheed model numbers.

There is also a new page titled Connie Model Numbers - What do they mean?
All of the images in the Lady Southern Cross photo gallery have been refreshed.
A89-272 has been gifted to HARS by the RAAF.
Added 12 new images of the Lady Southern Cross during the stopover in Hawaii in 1934. Thanks to Tim Kalina for these wonderful photographs. Thanks also to Roger Holden for identifying the USAAC aircraft in some of these images. The new images appear at the bottom of the Hawaii section and are numbered 130 to 141.
The page Almost an Australian Connie has been updated. Read all about a Super Constellation flight simulator which incorporates parts from an aeroplane which almost came to Australia for the Bicentennial in 1988.
Added a new page on the Speedpak which was fitted to Qantas L-749 Constellations.
The Constellation pages now include many new images from the Qantas Heritage Collection.
All of the Constellation pages have been refreshed. The presentation of images has been improved.
A lot of new material has been added to the Neptune pages. The page, "Neptune in Australian Service" has been expanded and a new page, "RAAF Neptune Colours" has been added.
L-188 ELECTRA - 26 SEP 15
All of the Electra pages have been refreshed. The presentation of images has been improved.
All of the Lodestar pages have been refreshed. The presentation of images has been improved.
ORION - 11 SEP 15
All of the Orion pages have been refreshed. The presentation of images has been improved and some previously unillustrated aircraft now have images.
All of the Hercules pages have been refreshed. The presentation of images has been improved and some previously unillustrated aircraft now have images.
All of the Neptune pages have been refreshed. The presentation of images has been improved and some previously unillustrated aircraft now have images.
Added new images to the pages for the following:


Added new images to the pages for the following:




The Lockheed File has undergone a major refurbishment. The most noticeable change will be a completely revised home page which features a new navigation system and a slideshow of several Australian Lockheeds. The only significant change to the site structure is that the various Electra types now have their own menus. Please advise the Webmaster if you experience any difficulties, particularly with broken links.
Thanks to Chris Nelson and Geoff Reichelt I have added a selection of images of C-121J Super Constellation N4247K being dismantled in Manila during March/April 2015.
Added a new page.
P-3 ORION - 31 OCT 14
Added a new page Itinerant Orions depicting several special Orions that have visited Australia.
P-38 LIGHTNING - 15 OCT 14
The P-38H formerly displayed at the Classic Jets Fighter Museum in Adelaide has been sighted in the UK.
The page on P-38 restoration projects in Australia has been updated thanks to Robert Greinert.
AP-3C ORION - 11 OCT 14
The AP-3C Orion page has been updated to reflect the fact that at least three aircraft have been withdrawn from service and are being prepared for scrapping.
LODESTAR A67-1 - 04 OCT 14
The page for Lodestar A67-1 has been completely updated. Also added an image of the aircraft after its conversion to a Learstar.
The Qantas Founders Museum in Longreach have acquired the C-121J Super Constellation N4247K which has been stored in Manila since 1988.
C-130H HERCULES - 25 SEP 14
The C-130H page has been updated to reflect deliveries to Indonesia. RAAF C-130H operations ended on 30NOV12.
The section on the RAAF F-4 Lightnings has undergone another major revision. There are several new pages on No. 1 PRU.
The section on the RAAF F-4 Lightnings has undergone a major revision.The most significant change is that A55-3 is now believed to have been formerly 42-2144 and not 41-2122 as stated in most references.
Ownership of this aircraft has passed from Museum Victoria to HARS.
Added two images of the aircraft on display at the National Museum of Naval Aviation at Pensacola, Florida. Thanks to John Vogel.
Image 1
Image 2
Added two images of the aircraft at Casino in 1948. Thanks to Alan Sheppard.
Image 1
Image 2
As The Lockheed File is about to enter its 16th year, the site was long overdue for a bit of housekeeping. Readers with large screen monitors will have noticed that the pages do not display well so that has been the main focus of the recent maintenance. All pages should now display properly on large screen monitors and on the iPhone. If you encounter any problems or find a page that escaped my attention please advise the webmaster.
Added an image of the former VH-TAY as Learstar N14WS at Fort Lauderdale in 1979 thanks to Geoff Goodall.
Added RAAF images of A97-205, A97-003 and A97-005 with thanks to Phil Vabre of the CAHS.
ALTAIR - 2 SEP 2012
Thanks to Tim Kalina for another wonderful image from his collection. The latest addition shows Smithy and Bill Taylor being welcomed to Oakland.
Added a magnificent image by Barney Deatrick of VH-ASV at Moorabbin in 1964. Thanks to Geoff Goodall.
Added an image from the David Freeman Collection of the aircraft wearing camouflage, thanks to Geoff Goodall. Also added a John Harrison image of the aircraft over Flemington Racecourse. Thanks to Phil Vabre of the CAHS.
Added one image of VH-TLA with the dayglo tail. Thanks to Nigel Daw of SAAM.
Added an image by L. Green of VH-EAG at Adelaide in 1957. Thanks to Nigel Daw.
Added an image by Bob McCutcheon of VH-BHH at Essendon in 1959. Thanks to Geoff Goodall.
Added an image of the aircraft as N4632V "Mr. Pihsnamwohs" thanks to Paul Sheehan.
The Guest Book has been removed as it was rarely used.
Added an image of the instrument panel thanks to Phil Vabre of the Civil Aviation Historical Society.
Added 16 new images thanks to Bruce Linwood and David Sparks. All C-130A, C-130E and C-130H are now depicted on this site. See the Hercules Album.
Added several new Neptune images thanks to Howard Morris, Greg Weir, Philip Tracy, Gordon Reid, Andrew Pendergast, Noel Ryan, Mark Richardson and Terry Magee. Neptunes involved are A89-303, 310, 312, 273 and 279.
Added an image of VH-ASG in its former guise as 42-1302 Joan. Thanks to David Vincent.
L-188 ELECTRA - 16 MAY 12
I have processed a large backlog of material on the Electra. Many new images have been added.
I have processed a large backlog of material on the Hercules. Many new images have been added to the Album which has also been made more user-friendly.
I have processed a large backlog of material on the Lodestars. Several images of wartime Lodestars have been added and the following tables have been updated:

Australian Lodestars

Dutch Lodestars
L-188 ELECTRA - VH-RMA 12 MAR 12
Don Johnston advises that this photo of VH-RMA was actually taken in June 1959 while the engines were being modified with the three degree up-tilt. Thanks Don.
L-188 ELECTRA - VH-RMA 11 MAR 12
Sad news from Canada is that Buffalo Airways' Electra C-FBAQ was involved in a landing accident at Yellowknife on 05MAR12. Although there was significant damage, it is hoped that the former VH-RMA will be repaired. Details here
Added an image of the aircraft in the USA as N56LH. The history of the aircraft has been expanded also.
Added an image of VH-FMS stored at Albury. Thanks to David Eyre.
Thanks to Bill Fishwick for contributing this piece on Recollections of a Connie Engineer.
Added details of a diversion to Daly Waters by VH-EAA on 01JAN53 thanks to Bill Fishwick.
Added details of the CofA overhaul of VH-ASG thanks to Geoff Goodall.
Added an image of PK-AFP in KNILM markings thanks to Frank Neil.
Also added an image of the same aircraft as VHCXJ thanks to the South Australian Aviation Museum.
Added an image of the dump chute on Lodestar ZK-BJM thanks to Barry Colledge.
Although by definition not an Australian Lockheed, the Stones' Connie is still fondly remembered by Australian aviation enthusiasts. With input from legendary rock arena producer Patrick Stansfield, who was Production Manager for the Stones' 1973 tour, this in-depth study debunks the popular belief that the Stones never flew in the Connie. Read the full story here
HUDSON A16-116 - 26 JAN 11
Added a page on the history of A16-116 which was sold postwar to MMA as a source of spares.
The history of A55-1 has been enhanced with details from the log book of Sqn Ldr Bob Green kindly supplied by David Vincent.
The histories of the three RAAF F-4s have been enhanced with details from the log book of Flt Lt W.H. Talberg which were kindly supplied by David Vincent.
The AL60 VH-ELI has been sold to Paul Eddowes who has kindly provided an update.

There has been a significant expansion of the pages on the F-4 Lightnings operated by the RAAF and the USAAF 8PRS. Iain Robilliard has kindly supplied extracts from the log book of his father Flt Lt F.H.W. Robilliard who flew Lightnings with 1PRU. Iain has also supplied a series of air-to-air photos of A55-3, some of which will be familiar to readers. Extracts from Flt Lt Robilliard's log book now give us a clue as to when and under what circumstances these familiar photographs were taken. Please see the following pages for the photos and log book extracts. Thank you Iain.


Bob Rocker, who co-authored "The Eight Ballers: Eyes of the Fifth Air Force", has kindly supplied several wonderful images of F-4 Lightnings operated by the 8PRS. Some of these aircraft were loaned to the RAAF for operation by No 75 Squadron. These images can be viewed on the following pages. Thank you Bob.


Thanks also to Peter Grylls who supplied this alternative view of A55-1 sitting in a drainage ditch.

Thanks to Paul Sheehan, I have added three images of VH-AEC from the Qantas Heritage Collection.
L-188 ELECTRA - 28 MAY 10
Added four new images of two former Australian Electras which are now operated as tankers with Air Spray of Canada. Our thanks to Michael Hogan who is currently captain of Tanker 484, the former VH-ECC.

C-GHZI formerly VH-ECC
C-GHZI formerly VH-ECC
C-GHZI formerly VH-ECC
C-GZVM formerly VH-IOB
People ask me why I love Lockheed aeroplanes. This glorious photo taken by Bob Neate at Narromine in early 1962 shows why.
ELECTRA - 21 JUL 2009
The former VH-ABV has been converted to an L-10E/R2O-1 and placed on display at the National Museum of Naval Aviation at Pensacola, Florida. Many thanks to John Kerr and Peter Clukey for the photos.
ALTAIR - 21 JUL 2009
Thanks to Balázs Bálint from Budapest, Hungary for the latest addition to his series of superb colour profiles of the Lady Southern Cross in its various guises. The aircraft is now depicted as Sirius NR-118-W when owned by George Hutchinson. Many thanks
F-4 LIGHTNING A55-3 - 19 JUN 09
Thanks to Owen Veal of the Aviation Historical Society of the N.T. we have an image of the mortal remains of A55-3.
Thanks to Phil Vabre I have added an image of Electra Junior VH-HID.
LODESTAR - 17 MAY 2009
Thanks to David Vincent I have added an image of Lodestar VH-FAD.
I have added four images of 8th PRS F-4 Lightnings.
P-38 LIGHTNING - 27 FEB 09
In recent times, several P-38 wrecks have been recovered from Pacific islands. This new page attempts to list those aircraft that are either presently in Australia or aspiring to return to Australia after restoration. The compiler acknowledges with thanks the assistance of Geoff Goodall.
It has emerged that the Qantas Electras and Super Constellations carried fleet numbers although not much else is known about them. This discussion paper attempts to address the subject.
L-188 ELECTRA VH-ECD - 28 OCT 08
Added two new images.

VH-ECD thanks to the Qantas Heritage Collection

VH-ECD thanks to Peter Gates
HERCULES - 02 SEP 2008
Added four new images.

A97-211 As a training airframe.
A97-178 In 37 Squadron 50th anniversary markings.
N130PS (formerly A97-212) with Peter Suarez.
N130PS (formerly A97-212) in Maxturbine markings.
HERCULES - 31 AUG 2008
Added an image of the former VH-CYO in Markair livery as N108AK.
ALTAIR - 26 AUG 2008
Thanks to Tim Kalina for this series of photographs of the Lady Southern Cross in its earlier incarnation as George Hutchinson's Sirius NR118W.

George Hutchinson in the cockpit.
The instrument panel.
Testing the engine.
George Hutchinson on the wing.
ALTAIR - 08 AUG 2008
Thanks to Balázs Bálint from Budapest, Hungary we have been able to add a series of superb colour profiles of the Lady Southern Cross in its various guises. Many thanks
L-188 ELECTRA VH-RMA - 28 JUL 08
Added two images of VH-RMA taken soon after it entered service with Ansett-ANA in 1959. These photos were taken by Ray Watson, a professional signwriter with an interesting story to tell. Also added a recent image of the same aeroplane as C-FBAQ in Buffalo Airways livery thanks to Peter Gates. These images were taken 49 years apart and the aeroplane is still in service. Amazing!

VH-RMA 1959

VH-RMA 1959 Aft Lounge

C-FBAQ 2008
P-3 ORION - 18 JUN 2008
Thanks to Richard Siudak I have added recent images of the three TAP-3Bs, the P-3B BDRT fuselage and the P-3C fin memorial. Thanks Richard. P-3 Gallery
Phil Vabre has supplied three recent images of VH-HID. Thanks Phil.
ALTAIR - 15 JUN 2008
Thanks to Tim Kalina I have added a wonderful image of the Sirius NR118W with George Hutchinson in the cockpit. This aeroplane was later rebuilt as the more familiar Altair Lady Southern Cross.
P-3 ORION - 06 JUN 2008
The P-3 pages have been updated with the news that two of the three TAP-3B airframes have been broken up for scrap. Similarly, the ex-USN Battle Damage Repair Airframe and the fuselage of A9-300 have also been scrapped. The coverage of the AP-3C conversions and their ELINT capability has also been clarified.
IMAGES - 07 JAN 2008
I have reluctantly decided to withdraw the page listing images on the site. The maintenance of this page was detracting from time available to add to the historical content of the site. Readers wishing to locate images on the site should do so via the menu for the individual type in question. Any inconvenience is regretted.
F-4 LIGHTNING - 07 JAN 2008
I have added two images of F-4 Lightnings used by the RAAF:

A55-1 Thanks to Bob Livingstone
41-2220 Thanks to Gordon Birkett
Over the past two days I have been doing some serious house-keeping on the site. Gone is the mottled background which has been part of the site since day one. I have also changed the site font to Arial so the pages should now be much easier to read. Please let me know if you spot any anomalies. Happy New Year to all my readers.
Geoff Goodall has supplied three new images of the aircraft as N712FM and VH-HID. Thanks Geoff.
L-188 ELECTRA C-GZHI - 07 NOV 2007
Thanks to Peter Gates for this image of the former VH-ECC in basic Reeve Aleutian colours but with Air Spray titles as C-GZHI Tanker 84.
L-188 ELECTRA VH-ECC - 09 OCT 2007
Thanks to Christopher Bateman in Christchurch we now have a much sought after colour image of VH-ECC in Qantas livery.
Following the death of John Conley, VH-HID was sold to Doug Hamilton on 09AUG07.
Thanks to Colin Lock and Ross Plews I have uploaded some significant amendments.
L-188 ELECTRA OE-ILB - 20 AUG 2007
The former VH-RMA is now on the Canadian register as C-FBAQ.
Thanks to Tim Kalina in Chicago we have a bumper crop of images of the Altair. Thanks Tim.

VH-USB Landing at Wheeler Field
VH-USB Landing at Wheeler Field
VH-USB Under repair at Wheeler Field
VH-USB Smithy in the cockpit at Wheeler Field
VH-USB Departing Wheeler Field
VH-USB Departing Wheeler Field
VH-USB Departing Wheeler Field
VH-USB At Burbank
VH-USB At the Union Air Terminal, Burbank

Thanks to Jerry Morelock, also in the USA, we have a wonderful selection of images taken at Wheeler Field in Hawaii by his father, Jerry P.B. Morelock, Cmdr. USN (Ret.). Many thanks Jerry.

VH-USB Smithy & P.G. Taylor disembarking at at Wheeler Field
VH-USB In a USAAC hangar at Wheeler Field
VH-USB At Wheeler Field
VH-USB At Wheeler Field
VH-USB At Wheeler Field
VH-USB Smithy & P.G. Taylor at Wheeler Field

Tim Kalina has also sourced two images from the Hawaii Aviation Preservation Society to whom we extend our gratitude.

VH-USB Landing at Wheeler Field
VH-USB Departing Wheeler Field

And if that's not enough of this wonderful aeroplane, Tim has also forwarded another Wheeler Field image which comes from the collection of Damian Waters. Thank you Damian.

VH-USB At Wheeler Field
C-130A HERCULES A97-206 - 28 OCT 2006
Maurice Austin has contributed two wonderful images of A97-206 with the dayglo tail. Thanks Maurice.
L-188 ELECTRA C-GHZI - 28 OCT 2006
Bill Gavin has kindly provided a recent image of the former VH-ECC as Tanker 84 with Air Spray. Thanks Bill.
The AL60 VH-ELI was damaged in a landing accident on 30SEP06.
There have been many additions to the Acknowledgements page. Contributors who have been disappointed previously may wish to revisit the list and consider reinstating me on their Christmas card lists.
Tim Kalina has contributed another wonderful image from his collection. This photo shows Smithy and P.G. Taylor dismounting from the Altair soon after arriving at Oakland from Honolulu on 4 November 1934. Thanks Tim.
GIL WHITE 1944 - 2006
Gil White, who compiled the listings of Ansett and TAA Electra crew members, passed away in Melbourne on 26 June 2006. Thankfully, Gil took his friends into his confidence in his final days, so he died knowing that both of these pages would be dedicated to his memory.
Read the dedication.
RIP Gil.
ALTAIR "ANZAC" - 18 JUN 2006
Prepare yourself for something really special. Tim Kalina recently acquired at auction a collection of negatives which records the unloading of Smithy's Altair in Sydney Harbour in July 1934 and its subsequent transportation by barge to Anderson Park. These images were taken by Alan Evans, a professional photographer who used a Graflex camera. As might be expected, the results are absolutely stunning, not only for their historical significance and technical excellence, but for their aesthetic qualities as well. We are all indebted to Alan Evans for recording these images and to Tim Kalina for sharing them with us. Enjoy ...

The Evans Negatives
C-130A HERCULES - 02 JUNE 2006
Added an image of the former A97-211 in Aboitiz colours as RP-C3211.
Thanks to Peter Kelly for this wonderful air-to-air image of VH-ASV. Peter took the photo from an accompanying Beech Bonanza.
L-188 ELECTRA ZK-CLX - 30 MAY 2006
Although this image is of very poor quality, it is significant because it shows that the former VH-ECC was operated in full Qantas livery as ZK-CLX. Thanks to Peter Kelly for this photo.
Phil Vabre has contributed images of two precious items from his personal collection:
A letter on Belle-Vue Hotel stationery signed by P.G. Taylor on the day of departure for Fiji.
A flown cover carried on the aborted England-Australia record attempt on 23 October 1935. Thankfully, the commemorative mail missed the second departure.
Thanks Phil for sharing these treasures.
Thanks to Lindsay Wise
and Maurice Austin for this rare colour photo of VH-EAC taken in Melbourne during the 1956 Olympic Games.
Thanks to Gordon Reid for this photo by Larry Smalley of N9717C (formerly VH-EAI).
Thanks to Bob Garrard for this colour photo of N7776C (formerly VH-EAM) stored at Fort Lauderdale.
Thanks to Peter Gates for this wonderful colour photo of VH-EAF arriving at Eagle Farm, Brisbane. To anyone who grew up around Eagle Farm (like Peter and myself) this is pure magic.
Thanks to Tim Kalina for these latest additions to the "Lady Southern Cross" gallery.
Smithy and Bill Taylor with the Altair at Anderson Park. This photograph is autographed by Smithy.
A poignant photo of Smithy being farewelled from Lympne, England.
L-14 SUPER ELECTRA - 18 MAY 2006
Added images of PK-AFM and PK-AFN from the Barry Flood Collection. Thanks to Dick Hitchins.
L-188 ELECTRA XW-PKB - 17 MAY 2006
Peter Gates has provided an image of XW-PKB, formerly VH-TLB, awaiting overhaul in Hong Kong at the completion of the Royal Air Lao lease. Thanks Peter.
P-38H LIGHTNING 42-66841 - 14 MAY 2006
Bob Jarrett advises that the aircraft was rolled-out in April. Bob has also provided three images of the aircraft. Thanks Bob.
The AL60 VH-ELI has had a change of ownership.
TRISTAR - 06 MAY 2006
The Oddities page now includes an image of a TriStar in Ansett livery. This completes the TriStar Triumvirate - L-1011 models in Qantas, TAA and Ansett livery! There is also a reference to the 1974 demonstration tour of Australia by All Nippon's JA8506.together with photographic proof that a TriStar did fly in Qantas markings - well sorta!
Thanks to John Ramsay for this extremely rare photo of Hudson VH-ALA at Lae in 1948. The photo was taken by his father, Arthur, who worked for Bulolo Gold as an engineer. It was probably taken not long before the aeroplane crashed in April 1948. Thanks John!
Thanks to David Long for another outstanding contribution. David has laboriously constructed a listing of Qantas Super Constellation Technical Crew. When added to his earlier listings for the Electra and the B707 it comprises a body of work which will be much valued by future researchers. Thanks David!
L-188 ELECTRA - 25APRIL 2006
Phil Dreith has provided some notes from the late Bill Dettori who was a Flight Engineer on the former TAA Electras in S.E. Asia during 1972-1974.
L-188 ELECTRA - 08 APRIL 2006
Phil Dreith has come up with some more information on the former TAA Electras in S.E. Asia. We now know that the former VH-TLB/XW-PKB was registered PK-RLX during its lease to Mandala. Thanks Phil.
C-130 HERCULES - 04 APRIL 2006
The previous update left only one C-130A unaccounted for, the former A97-208 which was last heard of stored at Istanbul as TT-PAA. Col Tigwell advises that the aeroplane was ferried to France in 1999 and broken up some time after that. Thanks Col.

C-130 HERCULES - 03 APRIL 2006
Have you ever wondered what happened to all those ex-RAAF C-130As which gravitated to Manila? Thanks to Col Tigwell, we now know that they have all been scrapped. The pages for the following aircraft have been updated accordingly:
Similarly, the two aircraft which were stored in Portugal have also been scrapped:
The trainaid airframe which was badly damaged in a storm in December 2001 was buried at Richmond soon after:
We are also advised that C-130J A97-465 which had been damaged, has been repaired and returned to service.
Thanks Col for all this information.

L-188 ELECTRA - 01 APRIL 2006
I am most grateful to Phil Dreith for an outstanding contribution on the histories of TAA Electras VH-TLA and VH-TLB after they went to South East Asia. Phil has provided a dramatic first hand account of the last flight of VH-TLA plus previously unknown facts about the former VH-TLB. Everything has been incorporated into the individual aircraft pages but all new information, as well as five new images, can be viewed on a new page:
Former TAA Electras in S.E. Asia
I have added a stunning image of two of Lockheed's finest. The HARS Super Constellation and the Operation Blessing TriStar are posed together outside the Lockheed Aeromod Center in Tucson, Arizona.
VENTURA A59-96 - 10 MARCH 2006
I have added an image of the aeroplane standing on its wheels again after nearly 60 years.

I have added two images of the HARS Connie taken at Bundaberg in 2005 by Phil Vabre. Many thanks Phil.
VH-EAG Sunset
VH-EAG Flyby

Thanks to Tim Kalina for this photo of Smithy at Long Beach in May 1934. Smithy had just arrived on the Monterey to be met by Carl B. Squier of Lockheed and Fred G. Davies of General Petroleum.
Thanks to Craig Justo I have added two spectacular images of the aeroplane in the ownership of Ross Smith. Thanks Craig!:
L-10 ELECTRA - 06 MARCH 2006
There have been minor changes to the pages for:
Thanks to Ed Coates, the page for VH-UXH now includes an image of the aeroplane as ZK-ALH
There have been minor changes to the pages for:
There have been minor changes to the pages for:
Carl Yelverton has supplied an interesting image of a TAA TriStar model. It is one of many similar promotional images prepared by the TriStar sales team. This image complements the Qantas TriStar model already on the site. Now retired, Carl used to work for Lockheed on L-1011 Product Support. Thanks Carl for the contribution.
There have been amendments to the following Lodestar pages:
Additionally, there are now photos of the following Lodestars:
ZK-AOP (formerly A67-1)
ZK-AOS (formerly A67-4)
ZK-AOT (formerly A67-3)
ZK-BJM (formerly VH-FAD)
ZK-BJM (formerly VH-FAD)
Thanks to Geoff Goodall for the notes and to Ed Coates for the photos.
I have added an image of the former VH-EAM stored at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Thanks to Gordon Reid.
Thanks to Tim Kalina for sharing this wonderful photo of Smithy and P.G. Taylor shaking hands at Oakland on the completion of their trans-Pacific flight in the "Lady Southern Cross".
I have added two images of the HARS Connie taken at Tucson, Arizona in March 1995, soon after the aeroplane was painted.
L-188 ELECTRA - 01 MARCH 2006
Almost exactly two years ago, Gil White provided us with a list of TAA Electra crew. This was closely followed by a similar list of Ansett crew, but in the interim there has been one glaring omission from the site. This has now been put right thanks to David Long who has supplied us with a list of Qantas Electra crew. Thank you David!
Having only recently established that N11SR (the former VH-EAB) has been effectively destroyed, we are endebted to Mark Pinneo who just this month visited the wreckage of the aeroplane and took a comprehensive series of photographs, most of which have now been added to the page for VH-EAB. Special thanks to Mark Pinneo for this outstanding contribution and to Henk de Waard who facilitated the contact.
The log book of the Wright Cyclone fitted in the starboard position on VH-CAB/TAY has yielded much useful information about the history of this aeroplane. Additionally, Gordon Reid has contributed some useful references from the log book of TAA Captain R.R. Hickey.
L-188 ELECTRA - 23 JANUARY 2006
Thanks to Peter Gates I have added two new Electra images:
VH-RMA looking resplendent in its original livery
The former VH-IOB as C-GZVM Tanker 85
Thanks Peter!
P-3 ORION - 20 JANUARY 2006
Added images of former RAAF P-3B Orions:
A9-291 as NZ4206 with the RNZAF
A9-299 as N91LC the AEW&C prototype
It is well known that the last surviving Qantas Super Constellation, N11SR (formerly VH-EAB) ended her days in Kuwait, but precise details of her fate have been elusive. Thanks to Henk de Waard, we now have photographic evidence that the aeroplane has been virtually destroyed, presumably during the 1991 Gulf War as previously reported. Henk's photo was taken little more than a week ago. Thanks Henk.
The author has acquired a recent photograph of C-121J N4247K "Winky's Fish" at Manila. Although not an Australian Connie, it had been hoped that this aeroplane would be able to attend the Australian Bicentennial Air Show at Richmond in 1988. See "Almost an Australian Connie" for the full story.
Tim Kalina has contributed another wonderful photo of the "Lady Southern Cross" taken soon after arrival at Oakland on 4 November 1934. Thanks Tim!
Geoff Goodall has contributed three wonderful photos of P2V-5 Neptunes:
A89-302 Instructional Airframe at Wagga
A89-305 In service at Adelaide
A89-310 Instructional Airframe at Wagga
Thanks Geoff!
Alistair Coutts has kindly provided a glorious colour photo of VH-EAF "Southern Wind" surrounded by myriad ground equipment at Perth in 1963. Thanks Alistair!
Thanks to Neville Rourke for supplying a further three photographs from the photo album of Squadron Leader Geoff Atherton. Although of poor quality, these photos are extremely rare as they depict both 75 Squadron Lightnings over New Britain.
All three photos.
Close-up of 41-2156
Thanks to Peter Gates for a photo of the former VH-TLC as TACA Air Cargo's YS-06C.
Thanks to Peter Gates for a recent photo of Amerer Air's OE-ILB displaying 10 years service artwork.
Several new images from Geoff Goodall's wonderful collection have been added:
VH-TLX after its undercarriage collapse
VH-ASV with 1964 Brisbane to Adelaide Air Race markings
VH-DMC in Muir Aviation titles
Thanks Geoff.
Phil Vabre has contributed scans of several flown covers:
VH-EAD 1947 Sydney to London
VH-EAD 1952 Johannesburg to Sydney
VH-EAG 1954 Sydney to Vancouver
Thanks Phil.
Photographic coverage of the TAP-3Bs has been overlooked for too long. Thanks to Nigel Daw, this has been rectified with a photo of A9-439.
Thanks to Lindsay Hockey for this image of VH-EAG being washed at Brisbane in preparation for the Qantas 85th anniversary dinner on 15 November.
Added an image of PK-AFP in service with KNILM. From Tom McRae-Wood via the David Vincent Collection.
NEPTUNE A89-305 - 8 NOVEMBER 2005
Added an image of A89-305 thanks to Dennis Morgan.
Added two images of the aircraft stored at Prospect, South Australia in 1966. Thanks to Geoff Goodall.
Added more information on the tip tank mod from Snow Aviation's Project Manager.
It is with great sadness that I record the passing of Doug Fawcett on 10th October 2005. Doug features prominently on the Hudson and Lodestar pages and indeed he contributed several photos to this site. Doug's autobiography "Pilots and Propellers - a lifetime in aviation" is highly recommended reading.
Six of the ex RAAF C-130E traded in to Lockheed are being delivered to the Pakistan Air Force under defence assistance programs. The C-130E page has been updated accordingly, thanks to Colin Tigwell and C-130 Hercules Headquarters.
Bob Jarrett of the Classic Jets Fighter Museum advises that his P-38H was fitted with its wheels and tyres on 19OCT05. This was a major milestone in the project and the cause of much celebration by CJFM workers. The photo is courtesy of Ron Brimblecombe.
The Hercules pages have undergone some minor reformatting. Significantly, there is now a new page which cross-references all the various civil registrations with the former RAAF serials.
C-130A HERCULES N131EC - 15 OCTOBER 2005
The former A97-212 is still flying in the United States in the hands of a doting owner. The aeroplane was recently modified with tip tanks in lieu of the normal pylon mounted underwing tanks. Colin Tigwell has supplied two interesting photos which he obtained from Earl Cherry who owns the aeroplane.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Roger Prior has supplied this lovely atmospheric image of VH-EAI "Southern Sun" in the early morning light at Darwin in July 1955. Thanks Roger.
P-3 ORION - 11 OCTOBER 2005
With the growing amount of available material on the P-3 Orions, I have taken the long overdue decision to split the single Orion page into separate pages for P-3B, TAP-3B, P-3C and Gallery. There are also several other Orion pages, all of which can be found on the new Orion Menu.
Audit Report No. 10 (2005-2006) titled "Upgrade of the Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft Fleet" issued by the Australian National Audit Office includes useful references to the acquisition and refurbishment of the three TAP-3Bs. The relevant extract from this report can be viewed here.
Although it's a significant departure from my policy of including on this site only Lockheed aircraft which took up an Australian identity, I have added a summary of other Lockheed 12As which are known to have passed through the hands of Sidney Cotton's companies. This summary can be viewed here.
Thanks to Mick West I have added a photo of the former VH-EAI with American Flyers Airline as N9717C at Gatwick in 1966. Thanks Mick.
The page on The Connie Racer has been updated thanks to an email from Chuck Mercer who was the Flight Engineer on the "Red Baron". Chuck has confirmed the reason why the Connie and the DC-7 did not race. Thanks for your contribution Chuck!
P-3 ORION - 19 June 2005
The Orion page has undergone a major update thanks to input from Marco Borst of the Orion Research Group and Vic Ehlers and Jack Schroeder who were amongst the Lockheed crews who ferried the P-3Bs out of Australia. The page now includes a table of the P-3B disposals. I have also added three of my own images of the former A9-299 on its way to Burbank as N91LC under the command of Vic Ehlers. Thank you gentlemen!
N91LC #1 Side view
N91LC#2 The Lockheed Roundel
N91LC#3 The nose markings
NEPTUNE A89-281 - 13 June 2005
Long time Archerfield resident Neptune A89-281 has finally departed. Thanks to Geoff Timms of HARS I have added details of the move together with two images. Thanks Timmsy!
A89-281 Part 3
A89-281 on the truck
A89-281 on the deck at Albion Park
LODESTAR VH-FAB & ZK-BJM - 30 April 2005
Thanks to Geoff Goodall I have been able to add an image of an aeroplane which was previously not illustrated on the site.

Geoff has also supplied a photo of the former VH-FAD after conversion to a top-dresser.
AL-60 VH-ELI - 30 April 2005
From Paul Howard in Cairns, we have an image which clearly indicates that the aircraft has been overhauled and repainted. Thanks Paul!

ELECTRA VH-RMG - 23 April 2005
Thanks to Steven Raczynski in Argentina, I have received a newspaper cutting which confirms that the former VH-RMG was
effectively destroyed in a forced landing while in service with the Argentine Navy on 20th September 1989. For further details of the accident, see the page for VH-RMG
Thanks to Jeff Watson I have been able to add a photo of Sidney Cotton with his Lockheed 12A G-AGTL "Caprice". This photo comes originally from Sadika Tancred to whom our thanks.
Thanks to Jeff Watson I have been able to add a very rare photo of Sidney Cotton's first Lockheed 12A. This photo appeared in Jeff's book "The Last Plane Out of Berlin". The photo comes originally from Andrea Cameron.
Thanks to Steve Jamieson I have added a magnificent night time shot of the HARS Connie taking-off at the recent Avalon Air Show. Thanks Steve for sharing this gem with us.
ELECTRA JUNIOR VH-ABH - 09 February 2005
The new owner of the aeroplane, Ross Smith, has provided a detailed account of the delivery flight from Wangaratta to Rolleston. Many thanks Ross!
VENTURA VH-SFF - 01 February 2005
Graham Mison has supplied two lovely photos of the Ventura taken at Bankstown not long after the aeroplane arrived in Australia. Many thanks Graham.
749 CONSTELLATION VH-EAD - 01 February 2005
I have just rediscovered a photo of VH-EAD taken at Cocos Island by a former work mate, Max Mead. Possibly it was taken in 1952 during the proving flight to South Africa or during the subsequent inaugural service. Thanks Max, wherever you are.
Having previously decided to include Sidney Cotton's G-AFTL on the site, I have decided that for reasons of consistency, I should add all of Sidney Cotton's Lockheeds to the site. With further help from Vic Smith I have done just that as well as adding a biography of this remarkable Australian.
Sidney Cotton and his Kolossal Lockheeds
P-3 ORION - 22 January 2005
I have added the retirement dates for the TAP-3B fleet. We now know that it was 20FEB04 that the TAPs were turned off! We are still working on the identities of the two EP-3Cs.
The Orion page.
LODESTAR VH-BAG - 17 January 2005
Ed Coates has come up with another gem in this shot of Lodestar VH-BAG. It is believed that it was taken in late 1946 or early 1947 just after the aircraft was overhauled for Aircrafts Pty Ltd. Thanks Ed!
ELECTRA JUNIOR G-AFTL - 13 January 2005
Since the inception of "The Lockheed File" it has been a policy to include only Lockheed aeroplanes which took up an Australian identity. I have decided to make an exception for this aeroplane for two reasons. Firstly, although G-AFTL never took up an Australian identity, it was owned and made famous by an Australian identity, namely Sidney Cotton. Secondly, although a detailed history of the aeroplane had been published by Vic Smith on his own website, the closure of Vic's website meant that the history of G-AFTL was no longer available. Accordingly, Vic has graciously given permission for his history of G-AFTL to be hosted on "The Lockheed File". As a result, there is now a page dedicated to G-AFTL. Thank you Vic!
LIGHTNING - 13 January 2005
Bob Jarrett has sent a recent photo and a progress report on the restoration of his P-38H. Thanks Bob!
ORION - 13 January 2005
The Orion page has undergone several changes, not the least of which is another change of heart on the identity of the fin displayed at RAAF Edinburgh. Please refer to the table at the foot of the Orion page.
IMAGES - 11 January 2005
I have added several new images to the site:
Hudson VH-ASV - thanks to Ed Coates
Lodestar ZK-ALZ - thanks to Ed Coates
Lodestar ZK-ANA - thanks to Ed Coates
Orion NC12229 - thanks to John Hopton
TriStar VR-HOF - thanks to David Campbell
Hudstar N367 - thanks to Barry Admans and QAM (The Hudstar story is here)
VEGA - 07 January 2005
It's been a while since I last visited the page for Australia's solitary Vega. Thanks to Geoff Goodall, I have added a lovely atmospheric shot taken at Maylands, W.A. on 22 August 1935. Thanks also to Phil Vabre for the scan.
CONSTELLATION - 01 January 2005
What better way to begin the new year than with a glorious image of a Super Connie? However, this isn't just any Connie. This is the former N515AC which very nearly made it to Australia in 1988. We can thank Aad van der Voet for this image which shows the aeroplane as HI-548CT landing at Miami in 1989. While I was at it, I took the opportunity to update the Almost an Australian Connie page with some recent movements by the main players. Also on the subject of Connies, I have not previously highlighted a wonderful web resource on the world's surviving Connies. This site was created by Ralph Pettersen and it is highly recommended.
The Constellation Survivor Website
L-188 ELECTRA - 29 December 2004
Thanks to Peter Gates, I have added an interesting image of the former VH-ECC and N1968R re-registered as C-GHZI wearing its retardant tank but still carrying full Reeve Aleutian livery.
L-188 ELECTRA - 29 December 2004
Thanks to Air Spray in Canada for this update on their Long Liner Tankers.
msn 1112 (the former Charrak aircraft) is presently being fitted with tanks at Chico and will emerge as Tanker 83.
msn 2007 (the former VH-ECC) has just completed its first season as Tanker 84.
Also added an image of C-GZVM Tanker 85 (the former VH-IOB) at the Air Spray base
HUDSON - 23 December 2004
Continuing with the Flight Simulator theme, thanks to former Adastra Hudson pilot, Rick Geary, we now have a Flight Sim instrument panel for a Hudson. The panel was designed by Roger Lowery and it is based on the panel of the former VH-AGJ which is now displayed at the RAF Museum, Hendon as A16-199. Flight Simmers will need to use this panel in conjunction with one of the Hudson models which are already available from the usual sources. Thanks Rick and Roger.
The Panel
ALTAIR VH-USB - 22 December 2004
omething different has been added to "The Lockheed File". Thanks to Eric Davis, Paul Clawson and Tim Kalina, we have a special page devoted to flying the "Lady Southern Cross" in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.
Flying the Altair
L-188 ELECTRA - 20 December 2004
Stuart Arnold was one of the last three TAA Captains to be current on the Electra and he has searched his log book for details of test flights and ferry flights which were conducted around the time of the sale to Concare Aircraft Leasing (SEP71 to FEB72). Many thanks Stuart for this interesting contribution.
LIGHTNING - 10 December 2004
Thanks to Peter Dunn of I have been able to add a colour version of that wonderful image of 8PRS F-4 Lightning 41-2217 airborne over Moreton Bay.
Lightning 41-2217 in colour
F-4 LIGHTNING - 08 December 2004
As the history of RAAF F-4 Lightning operations features frequent references to the 8th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron (USAAF) I thought it appropriate to include a page on this outfit.
8PRS in Australia
ALTAIR VH-USB - 28 November 2004
I have added an image of the "Lady Southern Cross" meeting up with the "Southern Cross" at Cloncurry on 29th September 1934. Although published elsewhere, this print came from the Queensland Air Museum archives via Charles Fotherington.
VH-USB at Cloncurry
L-188 ELECTRA - 17 November 2004
There have been several additions to the Electra crew lists:
LODESTAR VH-TAY - 07 November 2004
I have added an image of the former VH-TAY, re-registered N5080V, taken at Eagle Farm prior to its departure for the USA. The source of this photo is unknown so if any reader recognises it please advise the Webmaster.
LODESTAR - 05 November 2004
Thanks to Chris O'Neill, I have been able to add a lot of extra detail to the histories of APL's Lodestars VH-ARY and VH-ARZ. This information has been extracted from DCA files in the National Archives of Australia. Although it has been the subject of much debate, it now seems most probable that APL's inaugural Brisbane to Melbourne service was operated by VH-ARY.
The reasoning behind this is developed on a new page devoted to APL's Lodestar Movements. Many thanks Chris!
While on the subject of APL's Lodestars, I have drawn upon Mac Job's wonderful book "Air Crash" Vol 2 for more detail of the crash of VH-BAG.
L-10 ELECTRA - 27 October 2004
Thanks to Ed Coates I have added photos of VH-ABV and VH-UZN.
Thanks to Lindsay Wise I have added an image of the aftermath of Ansett's hangar fire at Essendon on 28th February 1939. This sad image shows the mortal remains of VH-UZN.

VH-UZN with Ansett Airways
VH-UZN after the hangar fire

L-188 ELECTRA - 23 October 2004
Thanks to Ralph Pettersen I have added two recent photos of ex-Australian Electras operating with Air Spray in Canada. Many thanks Ralph.

C-GYVI the former Charrak Air Electra
C-GZVM the former VH-IOB

SUPER ELECTRA - 23 October 2004
The Photo Archivist from the Queensland Air Museum has provided a photo of the future VH-ADT in Northwest Airlines livery as NX17382. The photo comes from the Jack Petersen collection. Thanks to David Bussey of QAM.
LODESTAR - 17 October 2004
The pages on the Lodestars have been the subject of a major update. The complete listing has been reformatted to improve readability. A new page listing all of the Dutch Lodestars has been added in the interests of completeness as so many of these aeroplanes came to Australia.
Thanks to Bob De La Hunty of HARS, I have added an image of VH-EAG outside her new hangar at Albion Park.
NEPTUNE VH-LRR - 31 August 2004
Thanks to Bob De La Hunty of HARS, I have added an image of VH-LRR outside her new hangar at Albion Park.
LODESTAR VH-TAZ - 29 August 2004
Thanks to Geoff Goodall and Gary Killion, I have added an image of VH-TAZ in TAA livery.
C-130A HERCULES A97-212 - 29 August 2004
Thanks to Mark Meltzer, I have added several updates on the movements of N131EC.
L-188 ELECTRA - 17 August 2004
Thanks to Rob Tonge and Gil White, I have been able to add first names and nicknames to some of the earlier additions to the Ansett Electra crew list.
Because of the growing size of the list, the page has been reformatted to a single column layout. (The TAA Electra crew list has been similarly reformatted).
Ansett Crew List
L-188 ELECTRA - 07 August 2004
Thanks to Rob Tonge, I have been able to add 42 names to the Ansett Electra crew list. It will be noted that Rob appears on the list himself. Many thanks Rob.

Ansett Crew List
Thanks to Graham Martin for providing this gem. It depicts the aeroplane in Carsair markings sometime in the late fifties.
Most significantly, the photo was taken by none other than Captain Keith Virtue.
LODESTAR VH-OAS - 13 July 2004
Thanks to Peter Anderson and Geoff Goodall, I have been able to add an extremely rare photo of Lodestar VH-OAS in the markings of Overland Air Services.

HERCULES - 12 June 2004
Thanks to Peter Gates I have been able to add a lovely colour image of C-130E Hercules A97-190 basking in the sun after a rain shower.
NEPTUNE - 12 June 2004
Thanks to Peter Gates I have been able to add a lovely colour image of Neptune A89-302 after it was relegated to Instructional Airframe.
L-188 ELECTRA - 06 June 2004
Thanks to Gil White I have been able to add a list of Ansett Electra crew to the site as a companion to the TAA list which was added back in February. It is somewhat less comprehensive than the TAA list so any additions will be most welcome.
Ansett Electra Crew
PANDORA - 04 June 2004
This site is now archived by the National Library of Australia Pandora Project. Read more about Pandora
LIGHTNING - 26 April 2004
Thanks to the State Library of Queensland, I have been able to add this wonderful image of 8PRS F-4 Lightning 41-2217 airborne over Moreton Bay.
Lightning 41-2217
LIGHTNING - 25 April 2004
Bob Jarrett has provided an update and a recent photo of his Lightning project. I have also added a "wants list" to the page.
Lightning 42-66841
ALTAIR VH-USB - 25 April 2004
Today is Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand, so it is appropriate on this day to add something really special to the site. Thanks to Tim Kalina, we now have streaming video of the "Lady Southern Cross"! Tim has sourced three newsfilm clips from the Movietone Archives of the Newsfilm Library at the University of South Carolina and they have made them available to "The Lockheed File" by special arrangement. Thanks also to Tim's friend Dean Campione for preparing the QuickTime movies which now appear on the site. Although all three clips are historically significant, the first one has special relevance to Anzac Day as it features an impromptu speech by Smithy in which he refers to the Anzac spirit. (It will be remembered that the Altair was at this time named "ANZAC" but Smithy was not allowed to use the name, even though he was an Anzac himself). The clip shows the Altair being unloaded from the "Mariposa" and the Altair's subsequent take-off from Anderson Park. The other movies show the landing at Oakland and the arrival at Burbank after the Pacific flight. Please note that the movies are large files, so they may not be suitable for readers on a slow dialup connection. There is a "Help" page if you have any difficulties with the movies. Enjoy!
Lest we forget.
Lady Southern Cross at the Cinema
ELECTRA - 28 February 2004
Thanks to Gil White, we have a rather unusual addition to the site. It is a comprehensive listing of all the TAA Electra crew. Gil's father was a TAA Electra Captain so the list comes from an authoritative source. As it states on the page, any additions or corrections will be welcome. As is also stated on the page, a similar listing of Ansett Electra crew will be added to the site if anyone can provide it. Thanks Gil for the work that has gone into this listing. Presumably it would be cause for some pride to have one's name on this list.
TAA Electra Crew List
SUPER ELECTRA VH-ADT - 22 February 2004
Thanks to Chris O'Neill I have added a photo of the wreckage at Schofields in January 1947.
F-4 LIGHTNING - 22 February 2004 - Another Major Update
With so much extra information becoming available, I have decided to create separate pages for all of the F-4s which were loaned or allotted to the RAAF.
Lightning Menu
F-4 LIGHTNING - 18 February 2004 - Major Update
Thanks to Peter May who pointed out some interesting material in the NAA, we now know that we nearly had an A55-4 and an A55-5 and an A55-6! Sadly it didn't come to pass, but three additional F-4s were allotted to the RAAF and two of them were even ferried to Amberley where they were found to be so badly deteriorated that they were rejected. The third aeroplane apparently made it only as far as Rockhampton. In addition to this revelation, I have also greatly expanded the coverage of 1PRU's use of the Lightning and there are now separate pages for 1PRU and 75SQN. The coverage of the accidents to the PRU aircraft has also been expanded.
Lightning Menu
LODESTARS GALORE! - 14 February 2004
Thanks to Gary Killion, Geoff Goodall and Phil Vabre we have seven new Lodestar images:
VHCAA During its wartime service with Qantas.
A67-2 During the Tocumwal to Parafield road convoy.
VH-CAA (NTU) The former A67-2 which never made it on to the register.
A67-8 The future VH-CAC and VH-TAZ on the road.
A67-10 The future VH-CAB and VH-TAY on the road.
N4848V The prototype Learstar, better known to us as VH-TAZ.
N4848V The prototype Learstar, on its first flight.
L-12 ELECTRA JUNIOR VH-BHH - 14 February 2004
Thanks to Geoff Goodall for this wonderful colour image of the Zinc Corporation's "Silver Star":
L-10 ELECTRA VH-ABV / VH-MMD - 14 February 2004
I have added no fewer than four new images of this aeroplane in its various incarnations:
VH-ABV being unloaded from a ship on arrival in Australia.
VH-MMD MMA's last service from Halls Creek.
N19HL Palm Beach Aviation livery.
N4886V Suburban Airways.
Thanks to Geoff Goodall, Gary Killion and Phil Vabre of the Civil Aviation Historical Society.
L-188 ELECTRA XA-AEG - 11 February 2004
Thanks to Rurik Enriquez in Mexico I have added a photo of the former VH-TLC in Mex-Jet Cargo livery. Many thanks Rurik!
C-130A HERCULES - 09 February 2004
Thanks to Denis Hersey I have added an interesting photo of the lineup of stored C-130As taken at Laverton in March 1987. Many thanks Denis!
C-130As in storage
L-188 ELECTRA - 08 February 2004
Thanks to Peter Gates I have been able to add five new images of Australian Electras in their later lives. Many thanks Peter!
F-OGST (VH-ECA) in STAF livery
HC-AZJ (VH-ECB) in TAME livery
HC-AZJ (VH-ECB) in a later TAME livery
N356Q (VH-RMA) with Air Bridge titles
N356Q (VH-RMA) with Air Bridge titles

I have also made a correction to the date of the clear air turbulence incident involving VH-TLB. This is now believed to have happened on 27JUL70.
AL-60 VH-ELI - 07 February 2004
Thanks to Hew Mills, a former owner of the aeroplane, I have added three new images from the aircraft's time in Tasmania. Many thanks Hew!
Loaded with a diesel generator
In flight
Instrument panel
L-188 ELECTRA VH-RMB - 04 February 2004
Thanks to René Dannies, I have been able to add a rather poignant image of the former VH-RMB being scrapped at Opa Locka. Many thanks René.
L-188 ELECTRA - 26 January 2004
The pages for the Electras have undergone a major update. Gil White (whose father flew them with TAA) has provided crew names for many of the trans-Pacific flights. Chris O'Neill has provided extra detail on the Qantas Electras which he extracted from the National Archives of Australia and ever-helpful Gordon Reid has helped to sort out a few anomalies. There are still a few anomalous dates on the pages and these have been highlighted in the hope that some reader can resolve them.
The L-188 Menu
LODESTAR VH-OAS - 22 January 2004
The history of this aeroplane has been greatly expanded thanks to Chris O'Neill, Gary Killion and Gordon Reid. I have also added several references from the RAAF status card.
NEPTUNE A89-281 - 11 January 2004
I have added two images of 281 being dismantled by a HARS crew at Archerfield.
VENTURA - 06 January 2004
Thanks to Phil Herdman in Gove I have updated the disposition of A59-73 and also added a few new codes to the 13 Squadron page.
13 Squadron
LIGHTNING - 04 January 2004
Terry Geary has provided additional information which tends to lend credence to the theory that A55-3 was previously 41-2122 as is shown on its Status Card.
RAAF Lightnings
ELECTRA VH-TLB - 02 January 2004
Thanks to Albert Johnston and Daniel Castro, I have added an account and two photos of the incident which led to the withdrawal of Electra YS-07C (formerly VH-TLB).
ALTAIR VH-USB - 04 December 2003
Tim Kalina has provided another image of the Lady Southern Cross at Wheeler Field in Hawaii. This now makes a total of 61 images in the Lady Southern Cross photo gallery. Most of these images have come from Tim's collection. Many thanks Tim!
After arrival at Wheeler.
Another addition is this photo of the plaque which is displayed in the terminal building at Archerfield Airport in Brisbane.
Archerfield Plaque.
NEPTUNE A89-270 & A89-271 - 04 December 2003
The pages for Neptunes A89-270 and A89-271 were without illustration so I have added an image of both aeroplanes together at Laverton, just days before they were both broken up.
A89-271 & 270
ALTAIR VH-USB - 24 October 2003
Tim Kalina has provided another two images of the Lady Southern Cross at Wheeler Field in Hawaii. Many thanks Tim!
ADASTRA HUDSONS - 24 October 2003
A recent addition to the Adastra Aerial Surveys website is a collection of 19 colour profiles of Adastra Hudsons. Well, most of them are in colour. The rest would have been in colour had not the aeroplanes been painted grey, white and black! Please note that the following link will take you out of "The Lockheed File":
Hudson Profiles.
If there appears to be little activity on this site, it is because of my heavy involvement in developing a new website on the history of Adastra Aerial Surveys. So don't go thinking I have lost interest in Lockheeds!
VENTURA A59-96 - 04 September 2003
Nick Sayer has provided two recent images of QAM's Ventura:
USN markings on port side.
RAAF markings on starboard side.
ALTAIR VH-USB - 03 September 2003
I have added another two images from Tim Kalina's superb collection:
Arrival at Wheeler Field.
Smithy with Will Rogers.
HARS CONNIE AND NEPTUNES - 03 September 2003
The pages for VH-EAG, VH-IOY and VH-LRR have been amended to show these aircraft based at Albion Park. The page for Neptune A89-281 has also been modified to show its recent acquisition by HARS.
L-12A ELECTRA JUNIOR VH-ABH - 03 September 2003
As a result of the dispersal of the Airworld collection, this aircraft has had a recent change of ownership. I have also added two new images:
VH-ASV in the blue and white scheme.
VH-ABH restored as "Silver City".
Effective on this date, all files for Hudsons which served with Adastra have been transferred to the Adastra Aerial Surveys website. Please note that this also includes pages and images for Adastra Hudsons while they were in service with other operators and under different registrations. This is to avoid having to maintain two sets of files and to conserve space on the server. If you find any broken links as a result of this change please advise the Webmaster. Please note that Hudson links on this page have NOT been updated.
HUDSON VH-AGE - 02 August 2003
Thanks to Allan Walker I have added four new images of Adastra's Hudson VH-AGE.
L-10 ELECTRA - 09 July 2003
Thanks to Gary L. Killion and Geoff Goodall I have added a rare colour image of the former VH-ABV/MMD in the colours of Mercer Airlines as N4886V:
L-188 ELECTRA - 09 July 2003
Thanks to Peter Gates I have added two new colour images:
VH-RMB a rare colour shot of the Mk II tail livery.
VH-TLA as delivered to Concare Aircraft Leasing.
AL-60-B2 VH-ELI - 16 June 2003
This aircraft had a change of ownership on 6th September 2001.
HUDSON VH-AGG - 14 June 2003
I have added another image to the page for VH-AGG.
HUDSON VH-AGO - 11 June 2003
The page for Adastra's Hudson VH-AGO has been updated with the addition of six new images, including a remarkably poignant image of the crew taken not long before the crash.
VENTURA VH-SFF - 08 June 2003
Thanks to Denis Hersey I have added a very nice air-to-air of the RAAF Museum's Ventura.
P2V-7 NEPTUNE A89-281 - 08 June 2003
Thanks to Denis Hersey I have added an air-to-air photo of A89-281 over the Bay of Islands in N.Z. in 1972.
P2V-5 NEPTUNE A89-303 - 08 June 2003
Thanks to Bob Livingstone I have added an in-service photo of A89-303.
C-130E HERCULES A97-160 - 08 June 2003
Thanks to Bob Livingstone I have added an in-service photo of A97-160.
L-10 ELECTRA VH-CMA - 08 June 2003
Thanks to Ed Coates I have added an image of VH-CMA in the special markings it carried for the REDeX car trials in the early fifties. Ed has also supplied an image of VH-CMA in Carsair markings taken at Port Moresby, probably not long after the company took delivery of the aeroplane. Many thanks for these gems Ed!
VH-CMA Carsair
ELECTRA VH-ECD - 06 June 2003
Thanks to Peter Gates I have added three new colour images of the former VH-ECD with Nomads and Mandala.
N836E Nomads ex Air New Zealand colours.
N836E Nomads red, white and blue livery.
PK-RLG Mandala colours.
ELECTRA VH-RMG - 03 June 2003
Thanks to Peter Gates we now have a colour image of VH-RMG as it was delivered in McCulloch livery.
SUPER CONNIE N9717C - 03 June 2003
Thanks to Geoff Wilkes we have a wonderful colour shot of the former VH-EAI in the U.S. (probably Burbank) circa 1960.
ALTAIR VH-USB - 28 May 2003
Ivo Ostyn from Canberra, ACT has prepared a new set of paintings of Smithy's Altair in its various markings. These can be viewed here.
While Ivo's paintings will be very useful to modellers, some readers might aspire to 1:1 scale. If you would like to own a full size new build Altair (or any of the Lockheed wooden singles) then John Oder is your man.
SUPER CONNIE N7777C - 27 May 2003
I have been contacted by Alexandre Avrane of AeroTransport Data Bank in connection with the photo of the hulk of the former VH-EAN which was photographed at Kotzebue, Alaska in August 1978. This photo has appeared on "The Lockheed File" for several years attributed to another source. Alexandre advises that it was he who took the photo and to show that there are no hard feelings he has sent me a vastly superior scan of the photo which now appears with the correct attribution. Many thanks Alexandre.
HARS CONNIE - 10 April 2003
Gary Squire's long-awaited story of the acquisition and restoration of the HARS Connie has just been published. See here for full details. This book is highly recommended.
HUDSON VH-SMM - 28 March 2003
This page has undergone a significant update with greater detail of the aerial survey modifications to this aeroplane. I have also added a reference to the 1960 wire strike incident along with four photos of the repairs. Thanks to Jim Hilferty for the photos.
ALTAIR VH-USB - 10 March 2003
Thanks to Tim Kalina I have added three new images relevant to the "Lady Southern Cross". From the National Archives of Australia we have an image of the page for the 17th July 1934 from the log book of the floating crane "Titan". This describes the trip to the "Mariposa" to unload the Altair. The other two images come from the National Library of Australia and they show both sides of a section of wooden wing skin from the "Lady Southern Cross". The images were supplied by the National Library and commissioned by Tim. Thanks Tim for sharing these images with us.
Titan log book
Wing skin (underside)
Wing skin (top)
HUDSON VH-AGS - 13 February 2003
I have added two glorious shots of Hudson VH-AGS thanks to the late Jack Howard who was a pilot with Adastra. One shows the aeroplane in the Grey Scheme but in colour, while the other shows her in a pristine Green Scheme, possibly after being painted in this livery for the first time.
VH-AGS Green
NEPTUNE VH-NEP - 11 February 2003
After some study, there can now be little doubt that the data plate fitted to VH-NEP is not the original plate. See the following page for what will be, hopefully, the last word on the subject!
NEPTUNE VH-NEP - 01 February 2003
This aeroplane recently performed two test water drops from Perth. Thanks to Jon Davison, I have been able to add his magnificent images of both test flights. With the spotlight on this aeroplane, it recently emerged that there is some confusion over its MSN. I had always thought this to be 7191 but it has been pointed out to me that the Putnam book on Lockheed states that it was 7192. In an effort to resolve this once and for all, I sought the advice of the aeroplane's owner, Theo Valerio, who has kindly supplied an image of the maker's plate from VH-NEP. The plate clearly shows that the MSN for BuNo 145921 is not 7191 or 7192, but rather 7203! Special thanks to Theo Valerio and Jon Davison for these contributions.
Test Drop #1
Test Drop #2
Maker's Plate
VENTURA A59-73 - 11 January 2003
Since the very early days of "The Lockheed File", I have had to make do with a very poor black and white image of the remains of this aeroplane at Gove. Thanks to Allyn Eckford, I have been able to add a much superior colour image taken in 1991. This has prompted me to consider the current disposition of this aircraft. Although it was to be restored in Darwin, it is understood that it was deemed to be beyond restoration and presumably it has since been returned to its owners in Gove. If any reader can confirm this it would be appreciated. Furthermore, there is some doubt as to who actually owns the aircraft, although it is understood that it belongs to the local Aboriginal community. Again confirmation would be appreciated. Thanks again Allyn.
A59-73 at Gove
ALTAIR - 10 January 2003
I have added to the Altair pages some interesting artwork which was prepared by Tim Kalina in Chicago. Tim has acquired a deck plan of the S.S. Mariposa and he thought that it would be interesting to superimpose a scaled silhouette of the Altair on the sports deck. Many thanks Tim!
Deck Plan
HUDSON - 10 January 2003
Thanks to Graham Orphan of Classic Wings Downunder, I have added another rare image of Hudson VH-ASV. Many thanks Graham!
HERCULES - 10 January 2003
Thanks to Wynnum Graham I have added two new Hercules images. Many thanks Wynnum!
A97-210 with dayglo markings.
A97-001 with Red Cross markings.
HERCULES - 04 January 2003
Thanks to Bert van Drunick for supplying an in-service photo of A97-209.
HERCULES - 03 January 2003
I have added more images of the C-130As. Most of these have come from the collection of the late Mike Madden thanks to Tony Arbon. Thanks also to Bob Livingstone and Bruce Linwood. What I need is an in-service photo of A97-209 or any of the C-130As with dayglo tail markings.
The Hercules Album
HERCULES - 22 December 2002
The Hercules pages have undergone a major update. The vast majority of the changes are on the pages for the C-130As which now include details of their service histories drawn from the RAAF status cards. In addition, there are 12 new images, many of which depict the aircraft with post-RAAF civil registrations. All of the Hercules images are now displayed on a single page with thumbnails to make browsing easier. Special thanks to Darren Crick for his assistance with these pages.
The Hercules Menu
The Hercules Album
VENTURA - 21 December 2002
Thanks to Bob Livingstone I have added several names and codes to the list of 13 Squadron Venturas.
13 Squadron Venturas
ELECTRA - 21 December 2002
Sadly, the flagship of the Qantas Electra fleet is no more. Atlantic Airlines in the U.K. have confirmed that G-LOFA, the former VH-ECA, was completely broken up at Coventry by the end of October 2002.
ELECTRA - 21 December 2002
Thanks to Gil White for advice that the former VH-TLB was named "Pangeran Diponegoro" while in service with TACA. The former VH-TLC was un-named during its service with TACA.
LIGHTNING - 21 December 2002
Thanks to Tony who advises that his friend Graham Victor "Monty" Mountseer passed away on 24th July 2001. Monty Mountseer flew the F-4 Lightning with 75 Squadron RAAF.
ALTAIR VH-USB - 19 December 2002
Thanks to Tim Kalina for sourcing this photo from the National Archives of Australia. It depicts the Altair on a barge alongside the "Mariposa" after having been unloaded by the floating crane "Titan". This image is most useful as it settles once and for all any confusion over which Matson liner brought the Altair to Australia. As you will see from the detailed caption to this image, I am also branching out into maritime history! Thanks also to the National Archives of Australia for permission to use this image.
The floating crane "Titan"
ALTAIR VH-USB - 14 December 2002
The chronology of the "Lady Southern Cross" has been expanded greatly. In fact, it has expanded from one part to four parts! This has been made possible by the wealth of information contained in the National Archives of Australia file on VH-USB. Special thanks to Trevor Boughton of "Man and Aerial Machines" magazine.
The Altair Page
NEPTUNE - 10 December 2002
The Neptune pages have been greatly expanded with information derived from the RAAF Status Cards. Each aeroplane now has its own page. The page titled "The Neptune in Australian Service", in addition to providing tables of all P2V-5s and all P2V-7s, now includes several tables which attempt to address the confusing subject of Neptune modifications. Thanks to Darren Crick for assistance with the status cards.
The Neptune Page
HUDSON VH-AGE - 19 November 2002
My plea for a better colour photo of Adastra's VH-AGE in the green scheme has been answered by Ian Smart. Ian has sent me a fine image of VH-AGE running up its port engine at Tennant Creek. Sadly there is a poignant side to this image for it was taken on 22nd September 1966, just two days before the aeroplane crashed at Tennant Creek with the loss of all on board. Ian lived in Tennant Creek at the time and he befriended many of the Adastra crews. He was one of the first on the scene after the crash. One of his photos of the crash scene has also been added to the site. Many thanks Ian for your contribution.
VH-AGE engine running at Tennant Creek.
VH-AGE the crash scene at Tennant Creek.
HUDSON - MAJOR UPDATE - 11 November 2002
I have been able to add a lot of new information to the Hudson pages thanks to Kevin Pavlich who served with Adastra Aerial Surveys as a camera operator and navigator from 1956 to 1963. In addition to maintaining a log of his flights with Adastra, Kevin also took some very useful colour transparencies! Black and white photos of Hudson VH-AGX have always suggested that there was something different about the embellishments on the engine cowlings when compared with similar markings on VH-AGS. Thanks to Kevin we now know the reason for this. They were red! Also thanks to Kevin, we now know that Adastra Hudsons were wearing the Green Scheme as early as 1959, which is approximately four years earlier than I previously believed. Check out Kevin's photos:
VH-AGX with red cowls.
VH-AGS & VH-AGX with cowling adornments.
VH-SMM at Carnegie Homestead in W.A. in 1960.
VH-SMM outside the Adastra hangar with Anson BLF and Catalina AGB.
Thank you Kevin for sharing this priceless material with us!

On the subject of priceless material, we are privileged to share in some magnificent photos by Alex Whitworth who also served with Adastra. Here is a small selection of Alex's work which includes an ultra-rare aerial photo of an Adastra Hudson:
VH-AGS attempting to keep formation with a Cessna.
VH-AGS being refuelled in the outback.
VH-AGX taxying amongst some typical Australian scenery.

I have also added a few Hudson images from other friends and from my own collection:
VH-AGS stripped of paint. Thanks to Matthew Denning for this image.
VH-AGP camouflaged. Photo by the late Mike Madden.
VH-AGJ displayed at Strathallan. Photo by the late Barry Flood.
VH-AGP post rhinoplasty.
VH-AGX cockpit.
VH-SMO at Brisbane in 1965.

Given the amount of material that is coming to light about Adastra, I am hoping to add a greatly expanded section on this most charismatic company in the near future. In the meantime, I have been able to update the page on Adastra Liveries as well as adding a new page devoted entirely to the esoteric subject of Adastra Hudson engine cowling markings. These updates were made possible by the wonderful new material provided by Kevin Pavlich.
Adastra Hudson Liveries
Adastra Hudson Cowling Adornments
Thanks to Kevin Pavlich I have added a very nice colour image of VH-EAN "Southern Tide" at Mascot in March 1960. Thank you Kevin.
HERCULES - 05 November 2002
Thanks to Bob Daley I have added an image of the former A97-208 as TT-PAA with the Chad Air Force. Many thanks Bob!
HERCULES - 05 November 2002
I have added two images of C-130A A97-215 in RAAF service. These are from black and white negatives which I rediscovered in my own collection!
A97-215 RAAF - rear three quarter
A97-215 RAAF - Close-up of nose
HERCULES - 14 October 2002
Thanks to Don Rogers and Bob Daley in the United States I have been able to add several interesting images of ex-RAAF C-130A Hercules. Thanks guys! Some time ago I queried whether or not A97-206 actually took up the registration RP-C3206. Thanks to one of Don's photos we now know that the Philippines registration was at least painted on the aeroplane. Don also advises that the former VH-CYO is now N404LC with Lynden Air Cargo. Curiously, one of her sisters, N405LC recently visited Brisbane.
N4469P Herc Airlift Corp
N4469P Being scrapped at Fort Lauderdale
N4469P Being scrapped at Fort Lauderdale
RP-C3206 In Aboitiz livery
L-188 ELECTRA G-LOFA - 14 October 2002
Thanks to Ulrich Hoppe I have added two very recent images of the mortal remains of the former VH-ECA on the fire dump at Coventry. Thanks Ulrich!
G-LOFA On the Coventry fire dump
G-LOFA The stripped cockpit
Thanks to Tim Kalina in Chicago, I have been able to add another 9 images of Smithy and the "Lady Southern Cross". Ironically, Tim sourced these images from the National Library of Australia who have given permission for me to reproduce them on "The Lockheed File". Included is a wonderfully detailed image of a Pioneer Instruments fuel flow gauge from the "Lady Southern Cross". This instrument is held by the National Library of Australia in Canberra. The photo was commissioned by Tim (i.e. he paid for it!) so special thanks are due to Tim for sharing the image with us. This now brings to 50 the number of "Lady Southern Cross" images on this site, probably more than anywhere else, with the exception of Tim's own personal collection! Many thanks Tim! If any reader can identify the personnel in the two photos of the undercarriage unit, Tim and I will be pleased to hear from you.
On the deck of the Mariposa
Arriving Perth
Smithy and P.G. Taylor in Hawaii
Arriving Oakland
Smithy and P.G. Taylor in Oakland
Smithy's Lunch
Un-restored Undercarriage
Restored Undercarriage
Fuel Flow Gauge
C-130A HERCULES N131EC - 22 September 2002
Thanks to Gordon Reid for this very recent image of what was once A97-212. Now N131EC, the aircraft is used to carry palm trees from Costa Rica but it also serves as a parachute jump ship. At the time Gordon photographed it they were squeezing in 130 jumpers who were being urged to "Get your crack on the track!" Many thanks Gordon for the photo and the report.
N131EC Charlie 130 Corporation
L-749 CONSTELLATION VH-EAD - 22 September 2002
This wonderful image comes from the collection of Air-Britain Constellation specialist, Peter Marson. It depicts VH-EAD at an unknown location doing what appears to be a fly by. If any reader can identify the location and/or the circumstances please let us hear from you.
VH-EAD Fly by
L-188 ELECTRA - 20 September 2002
Thanks to Peter Gates I have added 7 new images of Electras:
N359AC International Airways (ex VH-ECA)
N356Q Hunting Cargo (ex VH-RMA)
N356Q Amerer Air (ex VH-RMA)
VH-RMC Ansett white tail
N188LC Holiday Airlines (ex VH-TLC)
N5538 Evergreen (ex VH-RMG)
N360WS Air Bridge (ex VH-CHM)
Many thanks Peter for this outstanding contribution.
HUDSON VH-AGE - 20 September 2002
Thanks to Doug Morrison for supplying an image (by Maurie Miller) of Adastra's Hudson VH-AGE taken at St George, Qld in the early sixties. This image confirms that the aeroplane initially entered service with only a transparent nose cone and that the single nose window must have been added later.
SUPER ELECTRAS VH-ADS & VH-ADT - 20 September 2002
Thanks to Ed Coates I have added images of both of W.R. Carpenter's Super Electras. These would appear to have been taken at Mascot in 1941 not long after the aircraft were imported. Many thanks Ed!
I have added three new images of Connie.
With John Travolta's Boeing 707.
Arrival in Sydney on delivery.
The crew disembarking.
Special thanks to Gary Squire of HARS for his wonderful photo of Connie with John Travolta's ex-Qantas Boeing 707-138B N707JT.
HUDSON VH-KOY - 04 September 2002
Thanks to Tony Arbon for this very recent image of Hudson VH-KOY masquerading as USAAF "889" for an appearance in the movie "The Great Raid". Many thanks Tony!
L-188 ELECTRA VH-TLC - 15 August 2002
Thanks to Peter Gates the image of VH-TLC in the final TAA Electra livery is now in colour. Peter has also provided a lovely colour shot of the same aeroplane as OB-M-1328. Many thanks Peter!
L-10 ELECTRA VH-ABW - 15 August 2002
Thanks to Ed Coates for another shot of VH-ABW. Thanks Ed!
C-130E HERCULES - 11 August 2002
Thanks to Ralph Pettersen I have added images of all 7 ex RAAF C-130E Hercules stored at Georgetown, Delaware, USA. These photos were taken as recently as April 2002. Thanks Ralph for this comprehensive coverage.
Hercules Album
C-130 HERCULES - 11 August 2002
I have added 4 new Hercules images from my own collection.
SUPER CONSTELLATION N7776C - 11 August 2002
Thanks to Ralph Pettersen I have added an image of the former VH-EAM stored at Fort Lauderdale in April 1972. Sadly, the aeroplane was flown to the breaker's yard just several months later. Thanks Ralph for this rare photo.
ELECTRA VH-RMA - 11 August 2002
Thanks to Peter Gates I have added improved images of this aircraft in the colours of Ansett Air Freight and Renown Aviation.
VH-RMA Ansett
N356Q Renown
L-10 ELECTRA VH-UZO - 11 August 2002
Thanks to Ed Coates I have added an early image of VH-UZO in Ansett Airways livery.
ELECTRA VH-RMG - 29 July 2002
Thanks to Jorge Nuńez Padin in Argentina, I have added two additional images of Electron 6-P-101 (formerly VH-RMG). Jorge advises that these air-to-air images were taken on 6th October 1988 over the Trelew area (Patagonia, Argentina). Jorge can even identify the camera ship as Beech 80 Queen Air 6-G-82. Jorge also advises that the Argentine Navy Electra was known as the Electron (as a contraction of Electra and Orion). Many thanks Jorge for all your valuable input.
LIGHTNING - 26 July 2002
Thanks to Terry Geary in the United States, we now know that P-38 41-2117 was written off in the States in August 1942 and therefore could not have been flown in New Guinea by Geoff Atherton in August 1943. This confirms previous suspicions that the serial number recorded in Geoff Atherton's logbook under 15th August 1943 is incorrect.
Geoff Atherton's Log
ELECTRA VH-RMG - 26 July 2002
Thanks to Jorge Nuńez Padin in Argentina for this wonderful image of our old friend VH-RMG in service with the Argentine Navy as 6-P-101. Jorge has promised several larger images of this aircraft so watch this space! Thanks also to Lance Fishman for introducing me to Jorge.
Thanks to Bill Larkins for this shot of N11SR at Concord, California in June 1971.
ORION A9-296 - 26 July 2002
Thanks to Dean Norman for this dramatic image of A9-296 on fire at Moffett Field NAS after its undercarriage collapse on 11th April 1968.
NEPTUNE VH-IOY - 26 July 2002
Thanks to Roderick Eime I have added a wonderful airborne photo of the HARS Neptune.
HUDSON VH-AGE - 22 July 2002
Photos of Adastra's VH-AGE in the green colour scheme are hard to come by so I have added one of my own if for no other reason than to taunt others into coming up with a better one! If nothing else, it's a living testament to the ghastliness of Prinzcolor Film! (This image was subsequently removed).
HUDSON VH-ASV - 07 July 2002
Thanks to Graham Orphan at Classic Wings Downunder magazine, I have added a very rare photo of VH-ASV probably taken at Mascot in the early stages of its civil conversion. Note that the aeroplane still retains standard Hudson nose glazing. Many thanks for this gem Graham!
Thanks to Rod Eime I have added a colour image of VH-EAE taken at Nadi, Fiji in 1958 by Rod's father, Mervin. Many thanks Rod.
ORION A9-754 - 07 July 2002
Thanks to Dieter Gerhard on Cocos Islands, I have added an image of A9-754 being salvaged on the beach at Cocos. While viewing this image it should be remembered that an RAAF serviceman lost his life in this accident.
HUDSON VH-KOY - 07 July 2002
Thanks to Denis Hersey I have added a magnificent aerial portrait of Malcolm Long's VH-KOY. Thanks Denis!
HUDSON VH-EWA - 26 June 2002
Ed Coates keeps finding them! This gem shows East-West's flagship VH-EWA being loaded at Mascot in the early fifties. Note the open nose compartment door. Thanks Ed!
LIONEL VAN PRAAG - 20 June 2002
One name which was synonymous with Adastra and the Hudson was Lionel Van Praag. Thanks to Alex Whitworth for this wonderful portrait of the man.
ALTAIR - 19 June 2002
Thanks to Ed Coates I have added another image of the "Lady Southern Cross" in Australia.
HUDSON - 19 June 2002
Thanks to Ed Coates I have added two early images of Adastra Hudsons in the grey scheme.
ELECTRA OE-ILB - 14 June 2002
News from Europe is that the former VH-RMA, now OE-ILB of Amerer Air, is for sale. Thanks to Ulrich Hoppe, I have added two recent images of the aeroplane.
Where did you get that nose? Ever wondered about the peculiar nose glazing configuration on Hudson VH-SMM later VH-AGJ? This new page attempts to track the changes during Mike Mike's twenty year survey career. Please let me know if you can add anything.
L-10 ELECTRA VH-UXI - 07 June 2002
Since its first issue, the page for VH-UXI has been without a photo. Thanks to Ed Coates this has now been rectified.
ADASTRA HUDSONS - 05 June 2002
Added some more gems from Ed Coates. Highlight is a rare photo of VH-SMM in joint Sepal / World Wide Aerial Surveys markings (Sepal was an Adastra subsidiary). Another early view of VH-SMM shows the aeroplane in an intermediate nose glazing configuration before the installation of the two small windows in the top forward position. These windows were unique to VH-SMM. Thanks again Ed!

VH-SMM Sepal.
VH-SMM Adastra.
ADASTRA HUDSONS - 04 June 2002
Airborne photos of Adastra Hudsons are very rare so we are grateful to Bruce Beale for contributing three wonderful shots of VH-AGX over the Burdekin River near Ayr and doing a fly by at Tennant Creek. Many thanks for these Bruce! See the photos here.
Another rarity is Guinea Air Traders VH-BLA "The Silver Bullet". This 1948 photo is courtesy of Ed Coates in the United States. See the photo here.
I have just uploaded an in-depth study of the liveries carried by Adastra Hudsons from 1951 until 1973.
See it here.
ALTAIR VH-USB - 24 May 2002
I have added another gem from Tim Kalina's collection. This recently discovered image shows Smithy in the cockpit of the "Lady Southern Cross" at Wheeler Field. View the image here.
LODESTAR N2786Y - 08 May 2002
Thanks to John Vogel in California, I have added an image of Lodestar N2786Y (the former VH-GRB) which was taken at Albuquerque, New Mexico as recently as April 2002.
HUDSON - 20 March 2002
Thanks to John Laming I have been able to add several images of Herald Flying Services Hudsons. Although the image of VH-SML is of poor quality, its rarity demands that it be included. It may well be the only photo in existence of VH-SML. View the photos here:
VENTURA - 19 March 2002
Thanks to Phil Herdman in Gove, I have added quite a number of code letters to the list of 13 Sqn Venturas. I have also added to the list two Venturas not previously thought to have been on strength with 13 Sqn.
WEB HOSTING - 05 March 2002
Since its inception "The Lockheed File" has been hosted on servers here in Brisbane. Effective from this date, the site is now hosted on servers in Silicon Valley, USA.
Thanks to Tim Kalina of Chicago, I have greatly expanded the Altair Photo Gallery which now features 33 images of the "Lady Southern Cross". Special highlights are:

Image 9 Smithy inspecting the shiny new Altair "ANZAC"

Image 10 A poignant photo of Smithy inspecting the starboard undercarriage of the Altair. This undercarriage unit is all that remains of the "Lady Southern Cross".

Image 19 A series of photos showing repairs to the Altair's main fuel tank at Wheeler Field in Hawaii during the Pacific flight. These photos were recently acquired by Tim Kalina and are published here for the first time anywhere.

Image 35 This wonderful photo shows the "Lady Southern Cross" taxying at Wheeler Field with P.G. Taylor practically standing in the rear cockpit.

Image 27 Those who have read P.G. Taylor's wonderful book "Pacific Flight" may remember his fondness for the Hawaiian music which accompanied their departure from Wheeler Field. Thanks to this image from Tim Kalina's collection, we now know where this music was coming from.

Thanks Tim for sharing these gems with us.
THE WEEPING WOMBAT - 22 December 2001
Thanks to Roger McDonald I have added an image of the weeping wombat nose art on Ansett Electra VH-RMA photographed at Tullamarine one week after its last service. Thanks Roger.
LIGHTNING - 20 December 2001
Noted Australian aviation artist, Juanita Franzi, has prepared a magnificent colour profile of F-4 Lightning 41-2156 which will appear in a forthcoming book on No 75 Squadron RAAF. Juanita has given special permission for her drawing to appear on "The Lockheed File" and it can be viewed here. Thank you Juanita.
L-12A ELECTRA VH-FMS - 12 December 2001
Thanks to Mark Clayton of AMOF for this photo of VH-FMS arriving at Nowra where it is displayed on loan to Australia's Museum of Flight.
L-10A ELECTRA VH-UZO - 12 December 2001
Laurie Ogle's magnificent Electra VH-UZO is now based at Nowra where it is displayed on loan to Australia's Museum of Flight. Thanks to Mark Clayton of AMOF for this photo.
IMAGES - 12 December 2001
As there are now almost 400 images on the site, the simple alphabetical listing on the "Images" page was becoming too cumbersome. Accordingly, I have reorganised the page into sections by aircraft type with a linked index at the top. This added functionality should make it easier for visitors to browse the images.
ALTAIR - 10 December 2001
In the light of recent discoveries about the colour of the "Lady Southern Cross", Ivo Ostyn has re-drawn his profiles in colour. These drawings can be viewed and ordered here.
IMAGES - 10 December 2001
Some colour images originally scanned from 35mm transparencies were of poor quality because of the limited equipment available. Thanks to Peter Gates, all of these images have been re-scanned to a much higher resolution. I have also been able to include images of many of the P2V-7 Neptunes which were previously not illustrated. Thanks Peter!
RAAF LIGHTNINGS - 19 November 2001
I believe that the provisional identities I had assigned to A55-1 and A55-2 have been validated. The USAAF Aircraft History Cards for 41-2158 and 41-2159 are endorsed "diverted to Australia 25 Aug 42". As none of the other seven F-4s erected by CAC have this notation, I think it reasonable to accept that these were the two aeroplanes delivered to the RAAF. As we know from the status card for A55-1 that it was previously 41-2158 there now seems little doubt that A55-2 was indeed 41-2159. Thanks to Terry Geary in the US for checking the Aircraft History Cards. Unfortunately the previous identity of A55-3 remains unresolved.
TRISTAR VR-HOF - 14 November 2001
I have added a new page linked from the Oddities page which features a series of ten photographs of the scrapping of TriStar VR-HOF at Avalon. Be warned, you may not like what you see! Thanks to Simon M. for these images. Go to the Oddities Page and click on the "Restricted" icon at the foot of the page. You have been warned!
Many of the pages for the Constellation, Electra, Hercules, Neptune, Lodestar, Ventura and AL-60 have been generally tidied up. Please report any difficulties.
AL-60 VH-ELI - 04 November 2001
Both images of VH-ELI have been enlarged and improved.
VENTURA - 04 November 2001
All of the Ventura images have been enlarged and improved.
ELECTRA TWINS - 04 November 2001
All of the images for the L-10, L-12 and L-14 have been enlarged and improved.
MAIN MENU - 02 November 2001
I have reworked the Main Menu so that it should now load faster without any loss of functionality. Please report any difficulties. Given that "The Lockheed File" has been on the Web for over four years now, I paused to contemplate its humble beginnings and compare them with its present humble state. Accordingly, I have added a new page called "Statistics". Read it here.
LODESTAR - 02 November 2001
All of the Lodestar images have been enlarged and improved. I have added an image of Intercontinental Air Tours Lodestar G-AGBU thanks to Geoff Goodall.
HUDSON VH-ASV - 01 November 2001
Thanks to Geoff Goodall I have added four wonderful images of Intercontinental Air Tours Hudson VH-ASV. Enjoy!
RON'S LOCKHEED MUSEUM - 01 November 2001
The page for my Lockheed collection has been completely refurbished and the images enlarged and improved. Check it out.
VEGA VH-UVK - 31 October 2001
The images on the page for Australia's sole Vega have been enlarged and improved. View the images here.
HUDSON - 24 October 2001
At the recent Caboolture Air Spectacular, Hudson VH-KOY demonstrated the effectiveness of its camouflage against some typical Australian scenery. Click here to see the demonstration. The second image may take a while to load, so to get the full effect you may need to cycle back and forth a few times after both images have loaded. I realise that this is coming perilously close to being "cool", something that I usually try to avoid! I hope you enjoy it anyway.
HUDSON - 18 October 2001
It's been long overdue but I have finally updated all of the images on the Hudson pages. Many of these images dated from the very first days of "The Lockheed File". Most were too small and the scan quality left a lot to be desired. The pages themselves have been tidied up as well.
L-10A ELECTRA VH-UXH - 13 October 2001
Thanks to Pete Clukey I have added three wonderful pre-delivery images of VH-UXH.
View them here.
LIGHTNINGS IN THE RAAF - 30 September 2001
The Lightning pages have undergone a major update. Included is a new page on the history of the Lightning in the RAAF. This page introduces much new information on the two F-4 Lightnings loaned to 75 Squadron towards the end of 1943. It also attempts to address the unresolved confusion over the identities of the three F-4 Lightnings taken on charge by the RAAF's 1PRU. It is regretted that there are still a few loose ends in the story, but for the time being at least, it seems that information has dried up. Any additional information will be most welcome!
We established some time ago that the colour of Smithy's Altair was "Consolidated Blue" but the exact shade has been a puzzle until now. Thanks to Tim Kalina in Chicago we now know that the blue on the "Lady Southern Cross" was nothing like Royal Blue which is how the colour is often reported. Check out the special page on Consolidated Blue and if you ask nicely Tim will even send you a colour chip!
L-12A ELECTRA JUNIOR N12EJ - 15 August 2001
Thanks to Pete Clukey I have added two glorious images of the ex-Sidney Cotton Electra Junior which was photographed at Oshkosh this year. Find them on the Oddities page.
P-3C ORION A9-754 - 08 August 2001
Thanks to Dieter Gerhard who owns Cocos Dive, we have a report on the disposition of the wreckage of A9-754.
L-1011 TRISTAR VR-HOF - 24 July 2001
Thanks to Peter O'Connell I have added four images of TriStar VR-HOF which was scrapped at Avalon in 1995. I have also recorded the date of the ferry flight thanks to Curt Johnston who was the First Officer. You will find the photos at the foot of the Oddities page
L-188 ELECTRA VH-ECC - 23 July 2001
The former VH-ECC and N1968R has been registered in Canada as C-GHZI.
P-3 ORION - 14 July 2001
Thanks to Dean Norman I have added three new images which throw new light on the identity of the P-3 fin displayed at RAAF Edinburgh. This fin was originally believed to have come from the P-3C A9-754 which ditched at Cocos Islands. Subsequently it was claimed that the fin had come from the P-3B A9-300 which was damaged by fire. Some excellent detective work from Dean has resulted in the discovery of the fin from A9-300 elsewhere on the base. Therefore the displayed fin cannot be from A9-300 either! It is now believed that the displayed fin must have come from the parted-out P-3B 152760 which it can be seen from the accompanying photo is without a fin. Thanks for your contribution Dean.
Please refer to the Orion page.
CONSTELLATION - 24 June 2001
Thanks to Gordon Reid we now have a possible explanation for persistent reports that VH-EAK was also named "Southern Moon" and VH-EAE was also named "Southern Sea". It's complicated though! More details.
HERCULES - 24 June 2001
It is reported in "Aviation Letter" (415/55 June 2001) that N207GM (A97-207) and N216CR (A97-216) were sighted at Alverca, Portugal on 4th May 2001 in complete but poor condition and that both aircraft are expected to be scrapped.
HERCULES - 31 May 2001
It is reported in "Aviation Letter" (414/59 May 2001) that seven ex-RAAF C-130E now owned by Lockheed Martin are stored at Georgetown Sussex County Airport, Delaware. The aircraft are A97-159, 171, 177, 178, 180, 181 and 189.
HUDSON - 16 April 2001
Hudson A16-105 ("VH-FXF") has been sold to the Australian War Memorial. Malcolm Long has confirmed that the date of sale was 15th January 2001.
ODDITIES - 23 March 2001
As the introduction says: "An eclectic collection of Lockheed aeroplanes which would not normally qualify for inclusion in 'The Lockheed File' because they did not take up an Australian identity. It comprises itinerants, might-have-beens, some that came to Australia to die and some that were just simply irresistable."
If you can add any that I overlooked or if you have better photos of these aircraft I will be very pleased to hear from you. If you are into the esoteric and off-beat, you should enjoy Oddities.
L-188 Electra - 23 March 2001
The Electra pages have undergone a long overdue major update. All of the original images have been improved and enlarged and many new images have been added thanks to Peter Gates. Thanks to Pete Clukey I have added the dates in and out of LEAP for each Electra. There is also a new page on LEAP and this page also includes a table of LEAP particulars of all the Australian Electras. Much new material has been added thanks to Gordon Reid, Fred Niven and John Wilson. If you would like to know why the Electra doesn't have a squared off fin, read "Tale of a Tail". Thanks to all my contributors. Here is the Electra Menu. Enjoy!
C-130 Hercules and P-3 Orion - 05 March 2001
Thanks to Alf Batchelder and Mark Richardson I have added several Hercules images. Thanks to Mick Jansen and Mark Richardson I have added several Orion images. Thanks to Mathew Hawkins I have been able to update the disposition of the C-130E fleet.
Constellation - 23 February 2001
All of the images on the Constellation pages have been increased in size (most are now 750 pixels wide) in response to readers' requests. I have also re-scanned some of the earlier images as they were looking decidely tired. Please let me have your opinions as I will be giving all the other types similar treatment as time becomes available. I have also added two wonderful photos of Air India's VT-CQS which later became VH-EAF. Thanks to Pete Clukey for these.
Orion - 20 February 2001
Added one image of Orion A9-300.
Neptune - 20 February 2001
Thanks to John Hopton, Bob Livingstone, Tony Arbon and Ben Dannecker I have been able to add a large number of Neptune images, mainly P2V-5s. Thanks guys!
Orion - 13 February 2001
Thanks to Fergal Goodman in Dublin, we now know that P-3B N4007A (ex A9-295) was logged at Burbank in October 1987. This confirms that 295 DID go to Burbank. It also raises the possibility that the registration N4003G was never applied to this aircraft and that the reference to N4007Z was indeed a typo.
Hercules - 13 February 2001
Thanks to Fergal Goodman in Dublin, we now know that C-130A N207GM (ex A97-207) was logged at Shannon en route to Alverca, Portugal on 22 November 1992.
L14 Super Electra VH-ADT - 03 February 2001
Thanks to William T. Larkins I have been able to add a wonderful photo of VH-ADT which Bill discovered in the (U.S.) National Archives. It shows the aeroplane partially stripped of camouflage, probably operating a charter flight on behalf of the U.S. military.
Here is the photo. Thanks Bill!
P-3C Orion - 25 January 2001
Thanks to Mick Jansen I have been able to update the Orion page with the latest AP-3C conversions. Mick also tells me that the fin displayed at RAAF Edinburgh is actually from A9-300, the aircraft damaged by fire, and not from A9-754 which ditched at Cocos Islands. Come to think of it, it never made much sense lugging a fin assembly all the way from Cocos Islands when most of the aircraft had to be abandoned there!
Electra G-LOFA ex VH-ECA - 19 January 2001
Another sad photo I'm afraid. Thanks to Paul Middleton of Oldprops I have added a photo of the stripped remains of Qantas' first Electra VH-ECA which now serves as a parts source for Atlantic Airlines. Here's the photo. Oldprops is exactly what the name says. Check it out for some interesting photos and listings.
Almost an Australian Connie - 18 January 2001
Having recently acquired an excellent photo of the sad remains of C-121C Super Constellation HI-548CT, I felt compelled to use it on the site. I decided that the best way of utilising the photo would be to record the story of how this same aeroplane almost became an Australian Connie. Read it - and weep!
The Story - The Photo
Google Search - 14 January 2001
Recently I had cause to use the Google search engine. To say that I was impressed with the results would be an understatement. I found that all of my pages had been indexed already by Google's omnivorous Web crawler and that even a search for a specific aircraft registration would produce the desired result. In fact, I haven't been able to stump it so far! Accordingly I have added the Google free search facility to my site. You will need to select the "" radio button to search just this site, otherwise Google defaults to searching the entire Web. I have retained the FrontPage® search facility as this could be useful for searching any new pages which have not been indexed by Google. You will find the search engine here.
L188 Electra N1968R - 13 January 2001
Readers may be aware that Reeve Aleutian Airways ceased operations late last year. Included in their fleet was one of the last L188 Electra airliners (i.e. with passenger seats) still in service, an aeroplane which is better known to us as VH-ECC. This aeroplane, as its current registration N1968R implies, entered service with Reeve Aleutian in 1968 and thus was in continuous service with the same operator for more than 30 years! Thanks to Pete Clukey at Lockheed, we now know that N1968R has been acquired by the Canadian operator Air Spray. This company recently lost an Electra tanker and several A-26 tankers in a disastrous hangar fire. Sadly, it appears that N1968R will be stripped out and converted to a tanker.
General Housekeeping - 12 January 2001
All of the pages of "The Lockheed File" have been given a new look as per the above example. Also I have updated the aircraft menu pages so that most of the information is available on one screen. The previous menus involved a lot of scrolling which was a legacy from the old frames version.
Hudson Images Added and Updated - 08 January 2001
I have added two new images of Malcolm Long's wonderful Hudson VH-KOY. Also some of the images from the very early days of "The Lockheed File" have been re-scanned, as they really offended my eye! (VH-SMK and VH-FXF refer).
Links Page Updated - 05 January 2001
The Links page has been greatly expanded with the addition of many new links. I had previously intended to include a "Merchandise" page listing vendors of Lockheed related items but I have now decided to include this information on the Links page.
Search Engine Added - 28 December 2000
I have added a search engine which will search the entire site. It's a standard Microsoft FrontPage® search engine and it would appear not to lend itself to searches for aircraft registrations. Therefore for registration searches (if you know the aircraft type) it's better to stick with my skilfully designed menus :-) If you are searching for a word or phrase the search facility should be quite useful. If you want to road test it, try words like Mariposa, Wackett or Tamworth and do let me know if you strike any problems or can suggest any improvements. You will find the search engine here.
Altair - 15 December 2000
Thanks to Trevor Boughton, who has done a lot of digging in the National Archives of Australia, we now have new information on the extra tanks added by Sir Lawrence Wackett. I am currently working on a major update to the Altair page which should be uploaded before the year ends. While some latter day historians tend to downplay, and indeed denigrate, the significance of the first eastbound crossing of the Pacific Ocean (in a single engined aeroplane no less!) it has just dawned on me that the three main architects of this truly outstanding achievement, Smithy, Taylor and Wackett, all received (albeit for different reasons) knighthoods.
As it should be!
Guest Book - 28 November 2000
I have added a Guest Book to the site. Please add your comments and suggestions, even if you have abused me previously! Not all advertised features are fully functional yet, so please advise me if you have any difficulties. The jury is still out on this particular Guest Book program, which is a freebie add-on, so I will welcome feedback from anyone with experience in Guest Books. Click here to view the Guest Book.
Constellation and Super Constellation - September 2000
Thanks to Eric Favelle, the pages for the L749 Constellations now feature greater detail. Eric's work also features prominently on the pages for the Super Connies. Thanks to Peter Marson, I have added images for Super Connies VH-EAE, EAF, EAH in Qantas colours and N442LM (ex EAB) in Wings Inc livery. There is also a clearer black and white shot of the "Conniecorde" (ex EAP). Another recent addition is an image of VH-EAK while still in service, courtesy of John Hopton. There is now at least one image of every Qantas Connie on the site.
Neptune A89-281 - August 2000
The Australian Flying Museum have sold Neptune A89-281 to AeroCorp of Perth for conversion to a fire bomber.
AL60 Santa Maria VH-ELI - August 2000
This obscure little aeroplane has been the subject of much recent discussion. Thanks to ongoing contributions from John Davis, Geoff Goodall, Chris O'Neill and Tony Arbon, the page for VH-ELI is now up to issue #11. Please note that this aeroplane is not a LASA-60 but rather an AL60 and that the U.S. registration previously attributed to this aeroplane in fact relates to another aircraft.
ALTAIR - July 2000
Listen up, this is Sirius. Thanks to Pete Clukey at Lockheed, I have added an image of Sirius NR118W. The fuselage of this aeroplane was later incorporated into Smithy's Altair "Lady Southern Cross".
C-130E HERCULES - July 2000
Thanks to Darren Crick, I have added some retirement dates for the C-130E fleet. If you are interested in Australian military aircraft, Darren's site has a lot of up-to-date information. Find it at
I have reworked the main menu for the site and I hope that this will prove more attractive and user-friendly. In the interests of cutting down on maintenance, I have euthanased the frames version of the site, as having to maintain two sets of files was becoming too onerous. I trust that none of my readers will be particularly aggrieved by the loss of the frames version! Please do let me know if the surgery has resulted in any broken links or other anomalies. As all Australian Lockheeds are now represented on the site, I have decided to discontinue "Ron's Page". Any future communiques of a personal or administrivia nature will now appear on this page. Under construction is a "Merchandise" page. This is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme on my part, but rather a free service to readers. As anyone who does a search for "Lockheed" usually gravitates to my site, I get many enquiries for plans, models and manuals relating to Lockheed aircraft. Accordingly, I will be presenting a number of links to various sources of such material. If you know of any suppliers who should be represented, please let me know. I will not be seeking commissions on any sales made via these links as it is intended solely as a service to readers (noble isn't it?)

I have added many photos to the Connie pages thanks to Peter Marson in the U.K. Peter is the Air Britain Constellation specialist and a world authority on the subject. The additional images are too numerous to list but they include:

    The sad remains of VH-EAK "Southern Mist" in a Burbank wrecker's yard.
    The "Conniecorde", the former VH-EAP masquerading as an SST for a movie.
    The longest surviving Qantas Super Connie, VH-EAB is now depicted with 9 images.
    The page for HARS VH-EAG now includes photos of her Air National Guard service.
And there's more to come!
ALTAIR - July 2000
Have you ever tried to figure out how much fuel Smithy could uplift in the Altair? Check out this table and let me have your comments.
ADASTRON - May 2000
If you are reading this, you would be aware that "The Lockheed File" has moved to - Don't forget to update your Favorites/Bookmarks and please let me know if you had any difficulty finding the new domain.
LIGHTNING - May 2000
Pages for the RAAF's three P-38 (F-4) Lightnings have been uploaded. Please note that there is some uncertainty about their previous identities. By my reckoning, all Australian Lockheeds are now present on "The Lockheed File"!
At last the Constellations and Super Constellations have been added! Don't miss the special pages:
"Racer" - the full story of the Connie Racer with extremely rare photos.
"Engines" - a line engineer's account of "Living with the DA3".
"Names" - when Qantas cared about naming its aeroplanes!
See the pages for Constellations VH-EAA and VH-EAB and Super Constellation VH-EAG #1 for some beautiful Lockheed photos graciously supplied by Pete Clukey.
See the page for Super Connie VH-EAB for the enigmatic story of the longest surviving Qantas Connie.
VENTURA - March 2000
All of the RAAF Venturas have been added in tabular form.
HERCULES - March 2000
Thanks to Paul Howard we now have photos of three of the ex RAAF C-130A Hercules which went to Aboitiz Air Transport in the Philippines.
NEPTUNE - March 2000
VH-NEP has flown and most of A89-302 has now been moved from Wagga to Laverton and Point Cook.
LODESTAR - March 2000
Thanks to Doug Fawcett we have two extremely rare photos of Stan Godden's Lodestar VH-BFZ. Although these images show only tantalisingly small sections of the aeroplane, their rarity is such that they are presented without apology!
HUDSON - March 2000
Thanks to Bruce Winley there are four extremely rare images of Curtis Madsen Hudsons VH-BKY and VH-JCM. Thanks to Chris O'Neill for unearthing these gems.
HUDSON - March 2000
Thanks again to Doug Fawcett for supplying a photograph of Hudson VH-BDN "Petunia" burning after its crash at Lae.
ELECTRA - March 2000
Finally all of the lovely Twins are present with the addition of the L10 Electras, L12 Electra Juniors and the L14 Super Electras. Thanks again to Geoff Goodall for his trail-blazing research in this area.
HUDSON - December 1999
Three extremely rare images of Hudson VH-BDN have been added. We now know that this aeroplane was named "Petunia". Thanks to Doug Fawcett.
LODESTAR - December 1999
One image of Lodestar VH-GRB has been added. Thanks to Doug Fawcett.
LODESTAR - December 1999
Five images of N56LH/VH-XUS, including some lovely air-to-airs, have been added. Thanks to Bob Livingstone.
ELECTRA - December 1999
Two images of VH-UZO have been added. Thanks to Bob Livingstone.
ELECTRA - December 1999
An in-flight image of VH-UZO masquerading as Sidney Cotton's L12
G-AFTL has been added. Thanks to Jeff Watson.
LIGHTNING - October 1999
Three images of 42-66841 have been added. Thanks to Bob Jarrett.
NEPTUNE - October 1999
Two images of VH-IOY have been added. Thanks to Trevor Dean.
HUDSON - September 1999
Some wreckage from Hudson A16-198 has been brought up in fishing nets. Read the full newspaper report.
LIGHTNING - August 1999
Thanks to Bob Jarrett, we now have confirmation that the P-38 Lightning recently imported from PNG is P-38H-5-LO 42-66841.
VEGA - August 1999
Australia's only Vega has been added to the site, along with three rare images.
LODESTAR - August 1999
A glorious photograph of VH-ARY of Aircrafts Pty Ltd has been added.
HUDSON - August 1999
A rather inglorious photo of VH-AGX after its accident at Horn Island has been added.
LIGHTNING - August 1999
Bob Jarrett's P-38 has now arrived in Australia. Actual arrival dates have been added to the site although confirmation of its real identity is still awaited.
ORION - August 1999
An official Lockheed photo of the Prototype P-3B AEW&C N91LC (ex A9-299) now appears on the P-3B page.
The actual delivery date of the third and last TAP-3B has been added.
ALTAIR - June 1999
Smithy's lovely Altair "Lady Southern Cross" has been added, along with a comprehensive selection of photographs.
NEPTUNE - May 1999
The Perth-based Neptune N54317 came on to the Australian Register on 22FEB99 - as VH-NEP! This has necessitated some rejigging of the Neptune pages, as this registration had previously been reserved for A89-281 and was indeed painted on the aeroplane. Consequently, the page for N54317 is now VH-NEP and the page for VH-NEP (NTU) reverts to A89-281.
NEPTUNE - May 1999
The Neptune has now received the retrospective treatment. All 12 P2V-5 and all 12 P2V-7 are now listed in tabular form.
LODESTAR - April 1999
All Lodestars which took up an Australian identity or which "ended their days" on Australian soil have been added. There are individual pages for those aircraft with an Australasian post-war history.
IMAGES - March 1999
There is now an IMAGES button on the main menu to facilitate browsing through all of the photographs on the site.
ELECTRA - November 1998
The Electra pages now include a full listing of all 13 L188 Electras.
LASA-60 VH-ELI - October 1998
Has been sold to a new owner in Gunnedah, NSW. See the page for details.
HERCULES - October 1998
The Hercules pages now include a full listing of all 12 C-130A plus the sole civil Hercules, Cargomasters' VH-CYO.

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